Volancoo Paradise 0.1

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Hey! This is nororolf. We make adult browser games for free!

This is Valancoo Paradise. It's a RPG-Dating-Sim with elements of farming and crafting games. We are at the very beginning and this is the first alpha of the project. There are much more features planned. If you are interested in it visit our patreon page.

Please understand that there can be some bugs. If you find one it would be great if you report it in the coments.

This game will be free forever. If you want to support us or follow the development process, look at our patreon page.


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Good job!

I really loved the game, and thought it was different, as well as entertaining. I'm giving it 5 stars, because I want you to continue working on this, as I love the work you are doing so far!

I loved the game-play, and want more!
More girls, as then it would have more options!
More locations, for more items, as well as to meet different girls at different times!
More craft-able items!
More ground items!
Also, it would be great if there was some sort of quest log, so you don't have to go back to the person to ask what you have to do.

I really think you could take this game places, and I encourage you to keep up the hard work!

When you reload the game after closing your web browser, it seems to wipe all of your items out of the game (binoculars, oil, ladder, etc.)
Not sure if this is a bug, but it is very frustrating.

nororolf responds:

Hey. Thank you for the positive words. We are glad you've enjoyed the game!
At the moment we are working on new graphics and new features. A quest log is planned too. On our patreon page you find an incomplete list of the planned features.

Thank you for the bug report. we didn't recognize it till now but we will try to fix it.

I really don't rate that much but it keeps saying not loading and that shit saying need java scrip df bro won't load

needs work good start though

I really don't like giving games a zero, but this one simply wouldn't load for me. I've tried on both of my computers, using three browsers each (IE, FF, chrome) and the only result I got was an unending loading screen (I gave it ten minutes each time, yes, I timed it.) which firefox showed in the bottom right corner a mostly clipped message, I think it says "Failure during start up" the other two browsers just gave me the "Loading the game is big" thing. And yes, if you do the math, I have spent an entire hour on your loading screen. Something is not working, I don't know where, but something isn't working. I suggest you try hosting a downloadable version on mega or google drive. Until such time as I can play the game, I'm going to have to give a zero. I'm really sorry mate.

nororolf responds:

We are sorry to hear that. Thank you for the testing before rating.
Unfortunately we can't figure out what's the problem. For us it works fine. There is maybe a problem with the engine.
We will release a downloadable version of it when the project is more advanced.
Hope you give it a try then.