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wolf and hunter

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wolf and hanter cartoon

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what a nice movie!

it had some really nicely drawn characters, such as the protagonists, (the hunter and the wolf), but also a nicely drawn beaver in it as well! good job!
and apart from having nicely drawn characters, their moving/walking animations were nicely animated, while their face expressions+sound effects were nicely drawn+used, so the movie was perfect in the art department.
i have to say, the moment where the wolf took a beaver and used him as a chainsaw(in order to cut the tree), was a scene of pure comedic genius. really nice scene, and nicely animated as well!

all in all, everything in this movie was good, with nicely drawn characters(in a cartoonish way, which is good...), nicely animated scenes, nice use of sound effects, good humour, and clever ideas!

my only suggestion for you, would be to add a preloader, or a play/replay button in your movie, because a looping movie isnt always seen in a positive way in here.
other than that, it was a great movie!

keep it up, you're good!

the running cycle of the wolf was a little stiff... but yeah, the rest was pretty decent. Good production.

This was pretty enjoyable! The only real problem I have with this is that the animation is on loop. I strongly recommend Swivel so it will not loop around. It is a free newgrounds program, so it should be no problem to get. Besides that, everything about this submission is cute and enjoyable. The animation is slow, but very smooth. The art and line work looks really great in my opinion. And the overall story is just hilarious! Just work on getting the newgrounds video player, and you will be all set! I look forward to seeing more content from you. Keep up the amazing work! :)