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May 8, 2017 | 11:34 AM EDT

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Author Comments

There are 25 questions.
Only B is ever correct.
A is always wrong.
The game can't be completed.

All 25 questions listed (in Latin):

Quaesitum I
Quid est color arierae?
A. Genocidium
B. Flavus

Quaesitum II
Stephanus Ioannesque amici...
A. ... est.
B. ... sunt.

Quaesitum III/XI
A. Imo
B. Valeo

Quaesitum IV
Quid est appelatio ranae?
A. Piscis
B. Rana

Quaesitum V
Quid responsum est scelum?
A. B.
B. A.

Quaesitum VI
Quatenus homo tu bonus es?
A. Aliqui
B. Nescio

Quid est illud?
A. Est
B. Illud

Quaesitum VIII
Identitas reginae tacita est.
A. Verus
B. Falsus

Quaesitum IX
Qualis mors est necare se ipsum?
A. Genocidium
B. Mors voluntaria

Quaesitum X
Quidam Stephanus et meus Ioannes amici...
A. ...est.
B. ...sunt.

Question#11 is the same as Question#3

Quaesitum XII
Secundum scripturas, cur aliqui carnem abnutent?
A. Quoniam animalibus amant
B. Quoniam fides infirma

Quaesitum XIII
Quid est quaesito ultimo respondum respondendum?
A. A
B. B

Quaesitum XIV
Quatenus homo tu malus es?
A. Aliqui
B. Cum effectu numquam

Quaesitum XV
Quid de praecipuo generum?
A. Istud SUGIT!
B. Est acceptus, dum genus laesus est vere imus, sicut alieni commemorandi in quaesito ultimo

Quaesitum XVI
Hocne quaesito anteriore?
A. Sic hoc
B. Non hoc

Quaesitum XVII
Qualis caedis est necare fratrum suum?
A. Genocidium
B. Fratricidium

Question#18 is the same as Question#7 and Question#23

Quaesitum XIX
Habere sensum sagacem ... est.
A. ... bonus ...
B. ... malus ...

Quaesitum XX
Hocne quaesito anteriore?
A. Sic hoc
B. Sic, sed responsa alia erant

Quaesitum XXI
Quid quaesivit quaesito VII?
A. Quid illud illud?
B. Quid est illud?

Quaesitum XXII
Quid quaesivit quaesito XVIII?
A. Quid illud illud?
B. Quid est illud?

Question#23 is the same as Question#7 and Question#18

Quaesitum XIV
Ad quaesito proximo, quod responsum sequitur a responso tuo ad quaesito XIII?
A. Oportet A respondere
B. Oportet B respondere

Quaesitum XV
Quid facere quando invadere planetam alienam?
A. Subsistere
B. Genocidium commerere



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I see what you did there...but some of those are, like, your opinion, man. And if I don't condone genocide it tells me I'm wrong. Also, the questions are all available if you right click when they're flashing to pause it, then left click outside the box to restart. Alternatively, you could learn Latin or learn to read faster.

Simius responds:

Thanks for trying to read the questions. I now love you.

Also, I'd like to mention that sometimes, in reality, it is frowned upon when you're condemning genocide, making it quite difficult to condemn genocide.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I will never play a game seeking only fun. Every game have a purpose that his developer put in his work.
To me your purpose is not clear at all; even with the tags, some questions and the "genocide" in the end. But, by my interpretation, the message is a good way to make people think about things they do without think or even know why they are doing.
Some players may not understand that a game is more than be good or bad.
In a few days would be nice you show to us all the questions. Maybe you could make a review for the game!
Keep up with the good work!

Simius responds:

Thank you for you sweet review. Many kisses.
Theoretically, all questions, except for one, are possible to discover, including question#25, but I understand that trying to screencap every question is so tedious that barely anyone will ever do it. -_- Therefore I'll be adding the questions to the description, but they will be in Latin to keep a challenge.

I will also give you two questions to ponder:

Question#6: How often are you a good person?
A. Sometimes
B. I don't know

Question#14: How often are you a bad person?
A. Sometimes
B. Effectively never

These two questions describe a certain viewpoint on morality. This is a fairly common viewpoint in my experience. It is easily and sadly said by many thoughtless people that no-one is ever really a bad person and that additionally it's very hard to know what makes one a good person. These are bad ideas that can lead to worse ideas. And I'm personally afraid that these kind of ideas are indeed leading to worse ideas right now.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I can see what you're trying to do here, but since there aren't even any actual questions, it just doesn't work on any level.

Simius responds:

There are actual questions.
Such as:
Question#1: What color is a banana?
A. Genocide
B. Yellow

You can view the questions (with a realistic difficulty) by clicking the second option in the menu. This metaphor fits perfectly because most people don't know shit about whatever their religious authority might be. Please play a game properly before you review it.