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The Sword and the Fox

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The Sword and the Fox or Ken to kitsune is a story about a young swordsman named junko who goes to seek sword left in the supposedly haunted castle of a former emperor and meets princess Hayami, a kitsune beast women Who now lives there. Your goal is to guide Junko through this journey to find the sword and find out who this kitsune is and why she invited you in.

This is my Entry to the #tyranojam Game Jam. I hope you all enjoy playing this.

link to game download on itch.io: https://megadrivesonic.itch.io/the-sword-and-the-fox

update: 5/10/2017: Thank you for the Daily Feature and frontpage feature. I really appreciate it.

update 5/14/2017: I have removed the typing sound script which should make the game run smoother on browsers and not abismally slow like before.

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That pixel art and the music were really good!

I like the pixelart of the game, the audio and the nice climate with Japanese mithology. However, i think it would be nicer if there would be more options of dialogue for the main character to choose from.

glad to play this demo, love to see more!

The pixel graphics are fantastic and the story is pretty interesting, however the slow scene transitions are annoying and there are a few grammatical errors here and there. Overall I liked it though, and I want to see more!

I loved the music and the story seemed to be ok, but one thing wrong about it all. NEED PART 2!
Seriously. This looks like the start of a full on actual book, a pro-log. A man seeking his place and a fresh start and a woman seeking to remove the curse upon her and shunned by all at first glance. I would love to see more of this.