I am Anna

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This is a game created in a 40 hour span during the Nordic game jam where the theme was "Not there".
The game follows the tragic story of Anna, who went through quite a bit during her school days. Discover her story and ultimately her end.

press the R button to restart the level.

press the Space button to jump.

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I wanted to like this but just couldn't get over the janky controls. I had no idea what to do, or even what my goal was

Are you sure this game is E meaning everybody, when the game is about horror and suicidal thoughts? Look at your tags scary, and horror and not to mention the bad words in the emails... Not to nitpick but I really think this should be Mature.

While the atmosphere is right up my intrigue alley, the game's poor control quickly made it too frustrating to continue. Super sensitive mouse movement caused me to face every-which-way I DIDN'T want to be facing in a fraction of a second. Moving about also felt hyperactive. I would try to edge close to something and then the next thing I know I'm right on top of it, trying to move around to get back so I could try again only twisted me about in directions I didn't want to go.

I would have loved to have continued this further (given some of the reviews, it sounds like it has a great story, and I'm all about solid plots), but if a game has unplayable controls, I don't have the patience to bear through the frustration to uncover that story. It's just not worth it anymore.

Atmosphere is great. Liked the sound fx. Movement system is pretty clunky though.

Okay, there are spoilers in here, so anyone reading this, discretion, etc.

First, congratulations. The game's idea is neat and atmosphere is really immersive - I tell this because my VGA is broken for some time, and even with laggy, stuttering, non-fullscreen display, it really got me in the story (Those grafx are intensive, consider adding an option to remove fog for budget pcs). Considering this was done on 40 hours of programming makes even more special.

(I played "Cryogenic", another game you made, when it was Fp'ed. Plot is a huge plus on your work. Keep it up!)

I would give this 5 stars automatically, as I enjoy these a lot, like "going nowhere" and "you won't tell anyone?" (this one is actually quite similar in theme...), but there are things to consider - Let's move on to what caused mixed feelings:

- Music is on spot, but gets repetitive quickly.

- The lack of a tutorial of sorts is okay, as it makes people go figure what's what about what, but seriously, some people won't think putting a SQUARE cube in a ROUND dropping cage as mandatory to advance the plot (More on that later)

- Only one ending, a sad one, is a nice fit the plot, but an extra 1 or 2 (either better or worse) would add some replay value, which is really low - this ofc doesn't make the game bad (like phoenix wright's games).

And now, for the muck, what really makes me pull stars...

- Step sounds are annoying. They are the only thing that almost break immersion (Not pulling any stars for this... YET).

- Better directions are needed on start: I, for one, though the cage thing was a trap and avoided it at ALL costs on the fenced area/level 1. I used the 3 boxes to make a stair and jump over the fence door - then "passed" the closed building door (by trial and error) to the next stage, where after so much time, I deduced squares go on the round slots. This has a frustration potential for some people, especially casual players - since this is a "story like" don't expect an audience of ninja gaiden/battle toads gamers (- 0,5 star).

- Ending is COMPLETELY RUINED by that DAMN FREAKING STEP SOUND (the same from the entire game!) it makes when the protagonist touches the ground after plummeting. This makes it look (sound) like she just landed "a la mary poppins" and obviously SURVIVED. As someone who loves story/plot experience, I consider this unforgivable (no epilogue of any kind adds to this, too) however, I know it was not intended, so i'll just leave it at there. Consider fixing all related to step noises. (-1,5 stars)

This brings it to 3 stars, but as I said before I'm a great fan of these games, and you really deserve +0,5 star, as this shows great promise. I believe you already know all that (this isn't you 1st game) but please consider checking better ending sequences and plot stuff and all that.

Thanks for reading my feedback!

arty-farty responds:

Thanks a bunch for that in depth review, I will really take it to heart. Allot of the problems that you pointed out were things that I already knew, but having them pointed out is good, it shows me that I am not alone when I make these games.
I am currently working on another narrative game, so stay tuned

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3.17 / 5.00

May 5, 2017
1:45 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other