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Scientifically Factual King Kong

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King Kong: Skull Island as told by Science-Tifically Accurate scientists!

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Written by: Heather Anne Campbell
Music by: David Schmoll
Vocals: Heather Anne Campbell

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I missed seeing these on Thursday nights. Thank you very much. You earned yourself another YT subscriber.

thisisaok responds:


hahahaha! this was so awesome!
i liked that it showed the true,scientifically accurate facts about ''what would happen to a giant ape, if he existed'', and that you presented it in such a funny way!
i liked all of king kong's funny face expressions, his bone-fractures, his weight (or its lack of), when u talked about his diet/weight gain, or of his flawed blood circulation, not to mention his ''anatomical inferiorities''...
hahahaha! that laughing scene with the crowd watching king kong's short ''skills'', was hilarious! XD
and the raptor/dinosaur scene was also very funny as well...
in short: it was scientifically accurate, clever, and very very funny!
(plus, everything was nicely animated/drawn, from the ape's face expressions, to the people , to the background/dinosaur/other parts of the movie...)
great work, keep it up, and do more epic movies like this.
you rock!

I think a mature rating is more suitable. It didn't seem over sexually oriented.
Good work nonetheless. I Miss seeing these updates on ADHD's YouTube channel.

thisisaok responds:

Check us out on our new YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYbrF2-PsN4_vAkRdYjRwNQ

can you please not use "lulz" in your description ironic or otherwise