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A F**ked Up World

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A Whole New World is pretty f**ked up! It's going to take a lot more than 3 wishes to fix all of these problems!

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Written by: Heather Anne Campbell

Voice Cast:
Scout Durwood
Sam Sugarman

Music by: David Schmoll

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loved it

"Hold your breath we're in China" LMAO

This was really good. I particularly liked the lip syncing when the girl shows her profile. The concept is funny and well executed (especially with the detail of the end) but I don't think it was particularly great in terms of animation.

I'd love to read the lyrics somewhere. Keep it up!

The saddest part is that humanity might find a way to spread through the galaxy and inhabiting other planets by using terraforming only to repeat their errors.

Ya but, what about sunsets? The smell of rain? French kisses?

thisisaok responds:

What about a relevant comment?