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Super Knight Quest (Demo)

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Support SKQ On Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912212875

Get an executable version (better performance and play it whenever you want!) here:

Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/nebKc4u

Super Knight Quest is a roguelike sidescroller starring a knight on a bold quest. Each run is different, and you'll need to master your trust sword as well as a whole host of upgrades if you want to make it to the end!

Demo Changes 5/5/2017:
- Added 3 new items
- Added 1 new level
- Made gravity heavier
- Buffed most magic

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This is so hard but yet so fun! :)

i can't find chompy! ;w; but on a serious note evil third store if you don't buy anything

Neon style knight adventure. Done with edges and contour of talent in the least moderate deserved through or for most of the game. Tidy and also nice.

This does have some work to do but for what is here minus some slight things there is a lot of good things here. Including the majority of controls the ability to pick it up and play and just the game style that harkens back to the Mario platformer. The enemies pull from the more fantasy setting and the simplicity can make it seem overly simplified, but play well and once you find out what you are fighting against than you can fight against it easily. The controls on a hill seem problematic when going downhill because if you carry any speed you will find yourself in a pit faster than sparks to fire.

Overall, though it was fun, and I made a review that if anyone would like to see to get more intel then here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml8q6OSMFI0

Beat it with a score of 104272 in 5:25:38.

Movement: Okay, but kinda slimy and a little slippery. The character doesn't move too badly on the ground, but jumping doesn't feel nice. Character also cannot handle downward inclines, of which there are a few - this slows things down in a game that seems to want the player to go fast.

Combat: Fine, but nothing special. No real complaints.

-- I didn't try out all the different upgrades, but the freeze spell seemed worthless, since it randomly decides which direction to go (straight forward, up, down) and freezing enemies doesn't seem to add any real advantage.

-- The jumping bandit enemies don't know what to do if you're on top of a platform and they're under it - they'll just jump eternally. Not sure if this is intended or not, but figured I'd make a note of it.

-- Final boss seems weirdly difficult, but I was able to get around it by exploiting a bug (see below).

Graphics: Ugly but serviceable. I can tell what's solid and what's not, who's an enemy, etc. Character's running animation is a bit hideous, but I'm sure most people won't even notice.

SFX: Generic retro sounds. Acceptable.

Music: Annoying, repetitive, and promptly muted. Also doesn't loop smoothly - there's a very brief, but noticeable, pause before it goes back to the beginning.

Bugs: Enemies occasionally go through walls, horizontal moving platforms sometimes clip into walls, etc.

-- I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug, but if you freeze an enemy (tested w/ wizard and the lil knife dudes) and stand on top of them, they sink into the ground (and sometimes unfreeze once they're underground). This does not happen with the mushrooms.

-- On the boss, you can sneak up and hit it with the fireball (this likely also works with throwing dagger or zelda sword; haven't tried but I'd assume so given the mechanics) to get it to start its attack pattern early, at which point you can run by it through the still-open door on the other side, let it drop its fireballs (it will try to clip through the wall but return to its position), then attack it from the doorway once it comes near. The fireballs will go out of the doorway, but their ricochet pattern causes them to bounce off the ledge, so as long as you're up where you'd go to buy things, you're safe. If you don't attack the boss while it's by the doorway, it'll follow you outside.

I haven't tried beating the boss the intended way because it seems needlessly difficult compared to the rest of the game, which is pretty easy.

You say it's a roguelike, but there's no exploration element, which is a huge part of the appeal of roguelikes. You've just made a 2D platformer with permadeath, procedurally-generated levels, and items. On its own, not a bad thing, but since you called it a roguelike, I'm forced to compare it to roguelikes (and rogue).

When you're buying things from the octopus, the way you've handled text is not very good. The text describing what you're buying is displayed for far too short (I had to hop off and then back on for a few of them), and you could easily just have it display for the entire duration the player is overlapping the item and then go away once they hop off, instead of it being on a timer.

Overall, there's just nothing that stands out about this. I don't see why someone would be chomping at the bit to support it on greenlight, especially considering nothing ever came of your "Authentic Octopus Game" greenlight. I mean, seriously, it's been over a year since it was successfully greenlit with no updates - what happened? Did it turn into this? Obviously there's an octopus in it, but it's a decidedly different game.

squidly responds:

Thank you for the feedback, I'll take it all in mind.

Re: Exploration, I don't think that's actually necessary for Roguelikes or Roguelites. A lot of games don't have it at all.

AOG is on hold. Reason being I can't make levels. This is my remedy.

After it's done, AOG will continue.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

May 3, 2017
10:55 AM EDT

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