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Hentami: Vol. 1 Erotic Novela [NSFW]

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Hentami: Graphic Visual Novella

This our very first demo of our Hentami series.

Hentami: Is a collection of monthly audio visual novellas.

Welcome to the world of Hentami. Follow along as the wanderlust of our 18yo heroine gets herself into the most complicated situations. You just never know where the adventure will lead to!

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Your thoughts matter! Changes from feedback implemented.
- OC character updates
- emotes changed!
- more voice added!
- more music added!
- more effects added!
- medals removed, adult games not allowed medals
- more updates from your feedback!

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Why i cant play it?

how to star the game

Not bad

I watched Volume 2 first and was greatly disappointed but I searched the title and found Volume 1 and had to view it for comparison. The first was supremely better than the second but still sorely lacking. Between the two, I'm flabbergasted at the enormous step backwards in Volume 2. I apologize for the harsh critique but that's what these reviews are for, right? I appreciate the work that goes into programming. I've done it myself in the past but this is just lame. Really. And the second one is even worse.

Hentami responds:

Thank you for the honest feedback! The V2 was to get around the M rating so we could publish it on many more sites as sadly... most all game sites except newgrounds sucks for M content and that certainly makes it - very childish.

We hope you will give us your honest feedback on our next V3 coming in June. We think you may approve of our progress. And if not, let us know!

Thank you for your time

The voice actor was great, and what art there was is good.

My main issue is with the story telling. Even if this is a voiced visual novel, the story is still king. I couldn't tell what was happening, if this was in the past, if it was actually happening, was she dreaming? I read the other review that had an issue with this and although I respect your attempt to try something different, it is still quite confusing. Doesn't mean it can't improve, so I look forward to seeing more.

Hentami responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback! We hope to find our own pov style in time. (maybe more art will help dream sequences transitions!) Till next time!