Noob Project : N Collab

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Well this was cool some really nice visuals and nice animation these all seem kind of random and such some nice visual shots to from different points, so notbad work here, more story could be put in place though, other then that this was a cool animation.

More depth into the story.


All Right lets see,

Armi = 2.5/5 kinda pleasing to look at just choppy

Alex = Choppy but can be improved 2.6/5

Mjorik = 1.5/5 choppy. very choppy not pleasing to look at in anyway shape or form.

kRyy = Oh! just beautiful, a good animator! 5/5

Not-Fasky = ok, ok decent animation. The laws of physics are destroyed but, who cares. 3.5/5

Electronic-Headphone = 1/5 bad animation, sounds are good i'll give him that, choppy and makes no sense with physics

PikaLight (AKA. PUC) = 5/5 good animation. no problems keep doing what yo doing.

AmunoMinigo999 - 5/5 Perfect animation! makes sense with physics and isn't shaky! good sound quality to.

Ante45 = 3/5 kinda good. physics make sense in a way. good use of sounds.

Areylon = Like dyera in a way, but to fast and good sound quality 4.5/5

StarButterFly17 = 3/5 Slow movement, but follows up with good sound and blood so... yeah alright.

Gabriel_Max = Good sound, physics make sense, and ends up with choppy animation :T 3.5/5

XKIRXEEE = Amazing sounds! but kinda bad animation... 3/5

LetsRocketIt = bad, just bad. good sounds! but bad 1.5/5

CellCat = good at first but, downgrades in quality of animation. 3.5/5

Madness Boy = Alright first of all... I like it! not choppy good characters! what more do you need? 4.5/5

SaucySauce = Whats that I see? amazing animation! 5/5! no improvments needed.

Grumpy666 = kinda like DudingDarn in a way. 5/5

SentryTurbo = amazing animation, good soundeffects, just don't mask everything cuz' it just look bad otherwise. 4.9/5

Omega17172 = good animation. 4.5/5

OwnOmega = some of your clips are unfinished but better then nothing. 5/5

Shadz64 (me) = slow animation, good v-cam movement but not many sounds and doesn't follow the music. 2.5/5

Dasker KS = 5/5! Amazing animation! no improvement needed

RagonFighter = BAD BAD CALL THE BAD POLICE!!!! 1/5 needs BIGGG improvement! practice!!!

Dyera = 5/5 Lets move on to the next person. dyera needs no improvement and just needs to keep animating

ZeoMadness = 1/5 bad just bad.

well, thats everyone. sorry if I was a bit harsh but hey, kRyy does this to so don't blame me.

Have a good day ~ Shadz64

CellCat Has improved. Same as xKrixeee.

Kill it pls.
JK! DaskerKS, Grumpy666, Kryy, SentryTurbo did great, i'd give 'em all 5 stars, but... al that collab exept these guys is made by noobs, so animation sucks in the most of it, sry

:O Well well! :D 9Minutes! Omg!

Lets start with stars! :)

Armi: Not bad tho! Fast-paced (which is great) but little bit umm shabby? But nice parts! :D 8/10
MasterZaba: Ohhh do not send testos! :D But yea not bad and don´t send clips that are in previous/future collabs 7.5/10
MJORIK: Mjoricky style! :DDD I liked it but same as Armi 8/10
kRyy: The first part is little Wtf and the other with overkill is stealing from Delamortes! xD Buuut classics! ;) 9/10
Not-Flasky: Walking is good (Reminding of Eshio) But needs some sounds and effects (funny) 7.5/10
Eliter: This was for Reversion 2 huh and Reversion 1? don´t send clips in two collabs! :D Nice bang! I fucking love your style! 8/10
PikaLight: Tset collab part same as eliter: don´t send parts that are in two collabs, but it is really smooth! (the sean part is f 8/10
AISFDB: Omg! This is! Mega! Are the sprites yours? Really awesome! 9/10
Ante45: I haven´t seen much improvement since 4 months, smooth but wack. 7/10
Areylon (DYERA ALTER EGO): Same as Eliter and PikaLight but good clip. 8.5/10
Star: Whaat?! Your parts are really worse than i expected, sorry and don´t steal! xD 7.5/10
Gemeos a.k.a. Gabriel Max: Dudingdarn sprites? :D Buuut its smoother but more slower 7.5/10
Kirxeee: Duhh old XDD 8/10
LetsRocketl: ummm Welp test issss pretty much bad i would say you need to improve! 5/10
Cellcat: Gemeos´s style XD 7.5/10
Madness-boy: Need to learn masking tho but not bad i think 7.5/10
SaucySauce: Ou nice! :D I loved that first clip! :) Pretty smooth and detailed! 8/10
Grumpy666: No comment XD 9/10
SentryTurbo: The sounds were kinda distorted but you remind me some animator (I can´t remember who is it) Really nice easing and smoothness as finest! The second clip was really cool! :) 8.5/10
Omega17: Bruh why are you fan of DudingDarN?! :DDD 8.5/10
OwnOmega: Don´t send unfinished stuff pleaseeeee ?/10
Shadz64: You remind me old esetox (Ultrybal) no masking, awkaward movement, slow animation. You need to improve! 6/10
DaskerKS: no comment :) 9/10
RagonFighter: Weeell you didn´t improved man :( sorry to say but this is bad 5/10
Dyera: Maaan :((( Why the corruption 2 clip! Why?! 9/10
ZeoMadness: Ohh sorry man but i think this is the worst clip here :( You need to smooth things up! 3/10

Welllll its Noob collab yea what should i expect! :D Crazy clips tho and the music choice is really good! :D

stars total: 4/5 ;)

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

May 2, 2017
2:51 PM EDT