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You're Gonna Need This... 5 Points

Pick up a match.

Envy 10 Points

Find the letter of envy.

Gluttony 10 Points

Find the letter of gluttony.

Greed 10 Points

Find the letter of greed.

Lust 10 Points

Find the letter of lust.

Pride 10 Points

Find the letter of pride.

Sloth 10 Points

Find the letter of sloth.

Wrath 10 Points

Find the letter of wrath.

Light The Way 25 Points

Find all available matches.

Cleared Sins 50 Points

Complete the game.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

*Microsoft Edge and Safari are not supported, please use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera*

*I know that a lot of users are having trouble getting the game to run, please be patient as I am working on bug fixes as fast as I can, if you encounter a bug please send me any information you have on it as a message, thank you.*

Collect the seven letters of the deadly sins and repent your past offences in this survival horror game.

MIDNIGHT features a non-linear storyline where the game takes place after major events, you must collect and read optional documents if you wish to understand the story.

Arrow Keys - Move
Z / Space - Action
Shift - Run

This game uses audio panning to inform you of certain in game elements, it is recommended to use Headphones for the full experience.

Known Bugs:
A few bugs seem to have slipped testing, please message me if you find any so that I can try have them fixed as soon as possible, thank you.

Current Bugs:
* Microsoft Edge is currently not supported, please use a different browser, support will be added in the future.

* "e.contains is not a function" - you should only see this in certain browsers (firefox) by viewing the console, this does currently not seem to affect the majority of the game, however may result in some performance loss, recommend not using firefox for the time being.

The following bugs should be fixed:
*Black screen with only letters and matches icon.
* Medals not unlocking (make sure you are logged in, and click the button at the top of the game, if you do not see this button you are already logged into newgrounds.io and should receive medals.)
* "Width of Null" Crash
* Certain sounds not playing. (not loaded in-time)
* "ngio is undefined"
*Freezer mist not clearing when leaving the room.


before i play this......this game have jumpscares?

CjElliott responds:

This is not really a review, should probably just pm me if you want to ask a question, also how can the game be a 4/5 if you have not played?

But no, the game does not have any jump-scares.

This reminded me a lot of resident evil, the mansion appearance, the text when you unlock doors etc.

Truly a great game, loved the atmosphere although I could not get a hang of the storyline, 5/5!

could you please make it playable on windows 10's edge browser?

Was happy to see it was playable on Google Chrome, but sadly as soon as it "loaded" it gave me an error page reading "server DNS address could not be found." Since I could not play the actual game, I decided no stars were necessary. Hope you're able to fix it.

CjElliott responds:

Sorry to hear that, this is a really strange error, I believe you are the first to have this issue. I think this error may actually be on your end, you may have settings on your OS or browser / browser plugins, that are stopping the game from communicating with its files.

Could you please send me a message with the following information:
Your operating system
Did the error appear as yellow text on black background or as a web page error (white with grey text).

Thanks and once again sorry, will try get this fixed as soon as possible.

Love the game, fun to play multiple times and the different endings keep things interesting. Finding all the letters and matches really drives the game and the shadow figure is well placed and adds to the urgency of winning. (Do we ever find out who killed the family? The "good" ending was pretty ambiguous.)

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CjElliott responds:

Yes the game does answer who killed the family.

Reading documents, checking rooms (certain rooms change as you play), get both endings and check game objects and you should have your answer :)

Really glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the kind review :D

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

May 1, 2017
12:00 AM EDT
Adventure - Other