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A Melee-like competitive fighter featuring characters from Newgrounds.
(Yes, you can wavedash)

Use Chrome!

I started making this when I saw the announcement for pico day back at the beginning of the month, so it is very early in development. I have a lot of grand visions for where this could end up going. Even though there is still so much to do, this version is fully playable, and I hope that the newgrounds community will help me with bug reports and balance issues. Let me know if you find any overpowered techniques, or if you feel anything is underpowered. I hope to add more characters, music, stages, co-op story mode, and clean up everything.
Until then forgive the crude text and UI aesthetics and such.

See in game text for more details

Also, I don't document the movesets anywhere, so I hope that you mess around and discover them for yourselves. Just note that some moves do different things if you hold/charge them or press b again during the move.

I recommend playing with friends in fullscreen with gamecube controllers.

You have to click the fullscreen button with the mouse or press F, because browsers won't let me fullscreen from a gamepad input. (Same reasoning for clicking the icons for the links)
-Click on the icons to view their Newgrounds pages
-click with controller/keyboard input to select them

I might be slowing down development for a little while though, I seriously hurt my wrist from coding this and testing it on keyboard and gamecube controls especially.

Credits: I didn't create any of these original characters, you can find the originals and their authors by clicking the icons in game

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i like it mam, these are the types of fighting games i like to see on newgrounds

The gameplay and AI is pretty solid. At the moment its really lacking a lot of polish. I see a lot of potential in this.

A few little things I suggest is adding just some sort of background music to play, and since the controls are very much like Smash Bros. having up to jump as well :3.

Definetly needs some work but it's good so far the controls (for keyboard) were a little weird and i wish you could customize it (i didnt try with a controller) if you are trying to do something like super smash flash its definetly a good start

kinda reminds me of newgrounds rumble..

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2.54 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2017
5:54 PM EDT