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The Floor is the Surface of the Sun

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Make a path to collect your lost objects and get back to safety. Use the environment to your advantage!

[Click and hold] to create a platform, turning the mouse to change the direction it will point
[Right-click] to remove a platform

The goal is to collect all the dropped objects (there may be several in a level) and return to your starting position.

By default you jump two spaces; if there is an obstacle in the way, you will only jump one space (or not at all).

Update: May 3, 2017

Improved mute/unmute behavior a bit
Added (hopefully) better instructions (above)


(This is a game I made some time ago, but never really found a home for it. I hope you enjoy!)

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Very nice! it's a unique puzzle game. It seems really random at first because there aren't visual cues (you have to "draw" them yourself which is interesting). But once it "clicks" it's great.
However the spinner tile is a little too much... I can't see how to calculate or visualize it in my head so I just try every combination which definitely is less fun

Click and hold only allows one direction (right/east only). No matter how much I hold and drag the mouse around, platforms exclusively point right.

On a Firefox in Mac if it's of any help.

Good concept. -suggestion- perhaps a floating guide showing possible moves from a given spot.

Could you add a section explaining the controls? It looks interesting but I couldn't figure out how to play.

just say lava.