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Nemesis is a 2-D dogfighter that takes inspiration from Vlambeer's work "Luftrauser." Play of one of three planes with different loadouts and specialties, fighting wave after wave of enemies. Each plane has a different Nemesis to fight if you can survive long enough. Nemesises are terrible super-weapons
designed to push your skill to the maximum. Are you an ace pilot, or will you crash into the dark ocean below?

Nemesis is for players who enjoy fast-paced, high-tension arcade style action. It is a rewarding experience for players who stick around long enough to master its mechanics.

It is our first venture into game design, so we are hungry for any and all feedback. Please rate it however you feel, and leave a comment if you have specific critiques or praise.

Thank you for playing. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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I really like this game. Your description is accurate, the game is indeed a rewarding experience for players who stick around. That said, the game also has some minor issues, not outright problems, that if addressed, would improve the experience significantly.

An easier way to restart the game after you've died would save a lot of time in between sessions. While the mission report is useful, maybe having a counter on the side would remove the need for it to appear on the death screen.

The game, while frustrating at times, has a really steep learning curve. I'm having particular difficulty mastering the Vandal, but pretty much have the Arsus and Keener down pat. This isn't an issue, more of a comment on the difficulty of the game, and how, after a grave mistake, a long death screen is the last thing I want to sit through.

Overall, I really enjoy the game. Are you going to add any new planes? The creativity and backstory behind them really adds flavor and gives the game a unique depth, making it that much more enjoyable to blow up "bad guys."

Also, please, please, make a wallpaper of this game. I really like the artistic direction you guys have taken and would love to have the introduction sequence (when the plane is launched from the ocean and the cityscape is visible in the background) as my screensaver on my laptop.

Overall, great job. Thanks for making this game.

good game

what might be interesting is a slow motion setting.

The presentation is excellent, but the controls need to be fine tuned. Aiming with a keyboard is like aiming with a keyboard in a FPS. This makes it harder to actually hit anything. Sooooo ... maybe add mouse support somehow???

I feel like I all ready rated this because I just keep coming back. 10/10 would play for 6 hour straight.

-I would have liked it more if you hadn't "improved" a keyboard only game by requiring the mouse to restart. The variety in planes is nice, but the 4 or 5 seconds to reach for the mouse and wait for the game to reload kills most of the enjoyment for me.

-I've seen it mentioned a couple times how it's kind of annoying when the enemy planes group up, but it would be fine if there was any kind of friendly fire implemented. I realize that would be a big change in game play/dynamics, but it pisses me off when they fly through all those bullets without a scratch; especially the flak cannons.

-Only other criticism is more or a comparison. The thrust comes on too quickly. Any way you could make it a bit more gradual aka more Luftrauser'ish.

-I liked just about everything else (intro/stories, variety of planes, main menu, style, etc.) Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2017
2:01 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional