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What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? - Alpha v0.0.3 -

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Apr 29, 2017 | 4:02 PM EDT

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THIS GAME HAS OR WILL EVENTUALLY CONTAIN: mindbreak, transformation, corruption, moral degeneration, yuri, genderbending, drugging, mindcontrol, futanari, dick growth, monsters, bdsm, public use, incest and maybe more!

Click or press space to advance! (This is an alpha so expect some little bugs here and there.)


LewdLogic here! I’m the owner of a popular adult games site called LewdGamer. I decided to start Critical Bliss to begin making my own games in order to give you guys more quality games and interactive stories to play (sometimes you just gotta do things yourself).

What you will be playing today is the 720p version of the intro scene which is only 75% done (still needs some work) so please leave feedback below. We'll be updating the public demo in the future as well so look out for more craziness, routes, choices, and hidden goodies!

This is simply a PEEK at what me and my teams can do!


If you want to download the more stable and smoother HD Version, learn more about the story of this game, as well as support CB games, please donate to our patreon!

You can also follow us on twitter if you like!

Me and Critical Bliss want nothing more than to be the best of the best. We aim for high quality and professional standard in order to give all of you better adult games to play. Your donations will MOST DEFINITELY be put to great use! I'll make sure of that.


Project Team:

LewdLogic (Director/Writer/Quality Control):
Ryechu (Editor):
LionUCS (Assistant-Programmer):
Lasterk (CGArtist):
MegaSweet (CGArtist):
ThaiChau (Backgrounds):
RyunoCore (Composer):



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I've tried getting it to load three times within this past half hour, and it won't go past the title screen, on top of that it bugs out into the top left hand screen where the game is and I have to click title and hit cancel to get it to display fully. not bad for an alpha, but felt like a trailer.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is amazing. From the music to the sex scenes. I admit that I only picked Cevi. The scenes with her and Selene together are great and Vulse had little to no personality. Selene and Cevi are the spotlight for this game. I wonder after the scenes with Cevi if Selene became half humnan/ half succubus. If so then THAT would be amazing and make sense since her human side would have some control, but her demon side would let loose and go wild. I really like futa and this did not disappoint. Kinda wish Selene did more with Cevi cock besides JUST a blowjob, but I'm not mad. I enjoyed this visual novel. The only thing I don't like(and I'm sorry CriticalBless) was to 2 different/clashing artstyles. The first artstyle was cartooonish/chibish and the other was more of an high quality anime visual novel aesthetic. I honestly prefered the anime aesthetic over the chibi aesthetic. Either have one or the other because both doesn't fit well. For example: Nekopara kept the chibi art and the anime art seperate. Chibi art for some comedic scenes, but mostly using the anime artstyle. Another thing is that there isn't enough images of what is going on and while I understand it is a visual novel I don't feel like completely focusing on the text because then I get bored and want to skip text until something interesting happens. I mean I haven't got a chance to see what the characters even looked like until the sex started. I want to see more. Seeing the chibi are during the sex scenes took me out of the moment. BUT, I still enjoyed this. I saw the option to quit having sex or keep going toward the end and kept going, I chose Ceri over Vulse, and that is fantastic. Having multiple choices and consequences for those choices are great and a rarity in most visual novels so I appluad you for give some variety and giving players more control in the story rather than a viewer. Please add more choices such as what sex position/toy to use? how rough, gentle, or skilled/techinical you are performing sexually with your partner(s)? And maybe dialogue choices? You know, to spice things up in conversation and during sex. And hopefully more demons and humans to bang. Maybe girl on girl, girl on milf, threesome, foursome, orgy, more girl on futa, futa on futa, and more male on female for sexual partners/situations. Overall, this was great and well-made. And while I don't have a Patreon I while support you guys and play any demos you release. Keep working hard and taking feedback from people is good and hopefully possibly see some changes/fixes to the game to make it eve better. To anyone who have not played this game STOP READING THIS COMMENT AND PLAY NOW. And to CritcalBliss and those who worked on, played, and/or reviewed this game thank you for reading my looooong review(but most complaining, sorry bliss) and I appreciate you reading it. Thanks agian Bliss for this fun little experience and I hope when this game is finished that it does really well and people like it.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

As a fan of anime and manga I obviously love the style you went with. My bias towards anime aside, the art was great in general. The choice of colors, the quality of the drawings, and the attention to details and proportions. Their eyes weren't too big and their faces weren't too long or too wide(Not including their chibi forms. Chibi characters usually have really round and wide faces, and the characters in this are absolutely adorable in their chibi forms!). The proportions of their bodies suggest the artists know their stuff. Over all, damn good art!

I quite enjoyed the setting as I love the fantasy genre. Demons, elves, monsters, etc. So the twins being a succubus and an incubus obviously garners a lot of points. The genre aside, the actual physical setting is well made despite how sparse it is. The story established where they were and what was going on, providing the player/viewer with the necessary information of "where," but at the same time there was enough room for imagination for the mind to play around a little.

The story, much like the setting, provides the player/viewer with just enough information to know what is going on but also leave room for us to discover as the story progressed. The story establishes early on that the three of them know each other fairly well as the twins had just moved in a month ago, giving Selene enough time to get to know the twins and learn about what makes them "eccentric" as her landlord had mentioned. Furthermore, the writing is consistent and well thought out. There is just enough lewd text and interactions to leave the viewer satisfied but also yearning for more, all the while slowly increasing in eroticism. I sometimes find games or videos where the text or lines are far too aggressive and "spicy" right from the get go without giving the viewer enough time to adjust. Just like sexual pleasure, whether it be alone or with someone else, getting right to the climax isn't all that satisfying nor should it be the main focus. There needs to be just enough foreplay before climax to provide the recipient "proper" pleasure without taking too long, and this game provides plenty of foreplay without dragging on.

The choice of music is great and is executed perfectly. Similar to what I mentioned about text and lines, some erotic material I view ends up with music that is just way too "powerful" or poorly executed. Maybe the type of music is fine but it's not put in the right spot. Or maybe the music just sounds bad due to the intensity, the volume, or the type of music used. You don't want super incense techno battle music playing when the characters are in the middle of foreplay, and you don't want a mid summer's breeze when they are at climax. In regards to this game, the choice of music is fantastic. I really like the soft tones when Selene first wakes up and during her conversation with the twins, and the way it transitions to more intense music as the conversation goes on without becoming too intense is extremely well done. Not to mention the consistency and fluidity of the music suggests that the music used isn't just separate songs mashed together, but rather one song with differing intensities throughout the track. Whoever composed the music knew what they were composing and the type of feel they wanted the music to have, and personally I really enjoyed their choice of instruments, especially the (electronic?)piano.

I'm a big fan of lesbian/yuri romance/sex, transformation, and futanari fetishes, so Cevi being an option AND seeing how Cevi grew a penis was great, as was the idea that Selene was becoming something other than human. To be honest, I pretty much always prefer women over men in nearly all settings to the point where I'd rather see a woman and a primarily female hermaphrodite having intercourse than a man and a woman. The whole reason I chose Cevi over Vulse was because I wanted some lesbian love, and I was pleasantly surprised with out it turned out. A part of me kinda expected/hoped Cevi would grow a penis due to her choice of words and my personal preference, but that expectation/hope is a combination of proper foreshadowing and viewer tastes. Just another example of how well the story was written.

Over all, this was a great game. The fact that this might be one of the few reviews I've ever made on NewGrounds, if not the very first review I've ever made(can't remember), is testimony to how much I enjoyed this.

Speaking of enjoyment, there were several scenes I enjoyed in particular, such as when Cevi "patted Selene's forehead in an attempt to calm her down, sensing tension from her." Despite the erotic and arousing situation, that scene, coupled with the music, felt really touching and sweet, showing a caring side to Cevi. It told me that Cevi doesn't want to inflict pain on Selene, nor does she have malicious intent(at least not inherently), she just wants pleasure, and she has also possibly come to care for Selene a fair bit in an erotic "friends with benefits, and maybe one day lovers" sort of way. The fact that Cevi "slowly rubbed the top of the human's head" and that a "comforting heat overcame her(Selene)" seems to support this despite how harsh Cevi seems to be. Of course, this might not be unique to Cevi as the following text suggests Selene felt something similar when she was with Vulse, but I'd still like to think that Cevi is prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside. A typical tsundere, but a well executed one. (I haven't gone Vulse's route yet and as such I don't know how Vulse treats Selene, but that's due to my personal bias towards women. As such, the predisposition for the succubus/incubus to comfort their "mate" may just be part of their nature and not at all unique to Cevi.)

There is also the parts where Selene kept catching Cevi off guard with how well she was doing, to the point where Cevi seemed so cute with how surprised she was and how vulnerable she seemed despite being a demon and Selene being a human. I kept wondering and hoping that maybe Selene actually has demon ancestry within her blood, specifically that of a succubus or an incubus ancestor. It could explain how good she is at both resisting the twins and pleasuring them better than any other human, assuming there wasn't anyone stronger than her in the twins's past. It just make sense, and almost seems like fate that the three of them eventually crossed paths. That, or Selene is just really damn good at what she does. :P

On a final note, I thoroughly and particularly enjoyed the part where Selene is crawling on all fours towards the twins after Cevi finally gets away, and it may very well be my favorite scene out of the entire game. When Selene screamed "GET BACK HERE!!!" I fucking lost it and couldn't stop laughing! It wasn't that it was bad, it just seemed hilarious for some reason and the execution was flawless. It was that very scene that motivated me to write this review in the first place! So, thank you very much for this experience. I don't frequent NewGrounds too often, but I look forward to seeing more content from you, whether it be here on NG or someplace else.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! Seriously, the music, animation, writing, I haven't seen such quality in YEARS. Keep it up lads!!!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sexy novels are the best, they give you the best orgasms ever, the tension and teasing for such a long time is just amazing.

You knocked it out of the park with the text/script. Using spacebar was handy going through each stage but occasionally it just skipped onto the next line when I didn't even double hit the spacebar, thats the only thing that took me away I guess.

Either way fantastic game! This is how you make a hentai novel!

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