EarthBound Halloween

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I just threw this together quickly for a contest that was running during halloween for Starmen.net. I just thought some of you might enjoy it.
A Big thanks to Starmen.net for supplying all of the Sprites and music, sounds etc. It's probably the coolest site I ever been too. If your reading this please stop and watch my movie and then go to Starmen.net to sign the petition for Mother 3.


That was some creepy-ass music.

I never heard of this game before. These were some nice looking sprites though. I guess I have to play the game to get any sense out of this.

I'm such a sucker for old-school rpg-based movies.

Heh nice ending. If I could change anything I'd make it so Ness was in a really STUPID halloween costume, like a cheesy ghost outfit that's just a sheet with holes poked in it or something. And bring in Poo. Cause his name is Poo and he has what appears to be a black sperm growning out of his head where his hair should be...that's just fucking hilarious.

news flash

Dispite your claims, many like your movies, congrads, your on my favorite artist list


Zomg i loved that
But at one point in the begining the dog was bigger then the tree...

Heh, not too bad...

Not much to do here. It's a neat little short. Maybe just a tad too short, though. Overall, a pretty good job.

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2002
11:59 PM EST
Comedy - Parody