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"15 seconds to live" April '07 RubberOnionBattle

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This was an idea i had like 3 years ago but I got overwhelmed by the project and dropped it. So here is a 15 second version!

A clone is informed that he has 15 seconds to live because he is defective. While he's trying to come to terms with it, he realizes he's still doing things for his boss. Another clone brags about how he's lived longer and is worse off than clone 1, even though they're in the same dilemma.

I tried some new things like making my own music this time. Went for a Cyberpunk/Bladerunner type song. Also added heartbeats and bubbling noises for the vats in the background.

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I really like the artstyle and the idea is super cool.

Haha! Great idea, turned out purdy damn good