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The Final Earth

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The Final Earth is a mini city builder/simulation on a small planet, made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 38 compo.

It's 2100 and Earth has been made uninhabitable by devastating climate change. As a great scientist, you have prepared, of course. Over the last fifty years, you built a teleporter and transported yourself and some materials across the galaxy to the only habitable planet you could find. Unfortunately, it's pretty small. Can you build a new society on this planet?

This is my entry for the compo of Ludum Dare 38 (A Small World). There's no music as I had no time, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the result.

For the source code, see https://wagtailgames.com/files/TheFinalEarth/Ludum-Dare-38-master.zip
For the jam page, see https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/the-final-world

I'm a bit late with Newgrounds uploading, sorry, submitted to other platforms on time though (my original plan was to make a postjam version before uploading to Newgrounds, but I probably won't do that too soon anyway). You do get the post-jam bugfixes though.

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I am addicted to this game and the sequel thank you bro

where is game 2? i need it on newgrounds so I can save between my laptop (work, during breaks) and desktop (gaming pc, but I play online stuff)

The game gives me a calm feeling, i could probably fall asleep playing this.
Great game though
Also 48 F****** hours!

fun game, i enjoyed it quite a bit. my only gripe is that there didnt seem to be any difficulty curve. other people mentioned disasters or attacks as a way to make the game more complex, but another thing i noticed is that there really was no reason for the nightclub or the modern/rustic homes, because people were always happy so long as they had food and housing. i also wish we were able to destroy buildings from the beginning of the game, because i placed my first stone mine too far from the stone itself without thinking and was unable to move it. maybe let us destroy them for partial or half resources instead of only giving us the option once we have lots of stuff built? some ambient music would be great too

this is a good start for sure, and i'd like to see some more features or dynamics in the future

Really enjoyable a few more updates with upgrades and perhaps threats would make this game brilliant!! Good work :)