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The OMNIS© Friending Machine

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OMNIS© is back, and juicier than ever! Prepare to implode your neural papilla's with OMNIS's© latest product, the OMNIS FRIENDING MACHINE! Hosted once more by the loveable, short tempered cartoon robot dog Scrappo, prepare to take part in an experimental demonstration of the revolutionary machine that will forever warp your vending machine experience.

Watch the original exciting mind-numbing OMNIS© advertisement here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692259

Directed/Animated by Wylder Tomlinson

OMNIS theme music created by Jacob Sluka

Featuring the vocal talents of:
Benjamin Zenithan Reicher as Scrappo
Sian Adele Zina as Jane
Benjamin Hunter as Barry
Wylder Tomlinson as Bill and Jerry
also featuring the song
Lets Stay Together by Al Green

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I really like Scrappo, his personality does it for selling controversial and lifeconsuming items. Keep it up :D

I'm loving these OMNIS/Scrappo shorts! Fantastic animation, concept, writing, and general style.

Nice work. i like the art style and the concept (and pun) is suitably entertaining! Dialogue is pretty good too, but the plot is a little predictable, what with them becoming misanthropic murdering machines. Would have been nice to see a different take on the sentient machine issue.
Overall though it was fun!

Really solid story man, well deserved 5/5!

Scrappo responds:


Discount Foamy the Squirrel.

Scrappo responds:

Thanks for bumping down something we worked very hard on for no reason other than an arbitrary similarity to another cartoon! Scrappo is very much his own individual my friend.

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2017
6:27 AM EDT