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Author Comments

/!\ This is a (polished and short) prototype, we're trying to get feedback on it to know what we should improve!

oQo is a soothing puzzle platformer.
Create various waves and ride them, move from one to another as they blossom and vanish.
Draw ephemeral and hypnotic paths and let the world's appeasing music carry you along your spiritual quest.


I liked the graphical detail and effort put into this! I actually understood the controls. I would only have 2 suggestions.

1: Reduce to 2 buttons.
2: Change to WASD, but only AD.

The mouse on the white bubbles is intuitive and genius! It's easily the best Newgrounds game I've ever played! I think this should be a multi-platform release.

It can even be a pay-what-you-want game. This could be a GREAT game! I would pay at least $1 for this. I'll even pay E1 (E meaning Euro) for this. It's great.

I think this would work great on the Nintendo Switch! I could go into detail, but this is a review, and not a business plan. I think this should be worldwide! Five stars, even with the lag! Lag isn't a problem. I'm on a bad computer anyway.

oQo responds:

Thanks for the details feedback!
Regarding the controls, unfortunately it's not possible to do as you say :/ We understand the current scheme isn't the most intuitive, but the player needs to be able to move in all directions to have full control. With only AD for example, you couldn't decide if you want to go up or down when you are on the right side of a wave. And doing clockwise/counter clockwise has proven to be really too complicated in the levels where there is a lot of waves... However, the final game will be playable with a gamepad, and it's definitely better! We just couldn't make it work with our input system on the webGL version.
Anyway, thanks for the kind words!

cool game. do more.
improve the controls though.

Loved the sounds.

oQo responds:

Thanks :)

Nice concept for a puzzle game. It gets interesting when you introduce mouse control. I hope you can find something nice in this idea. The puzzles here are pretty good!
To change:
- Player thing should move 30% faster
- Should catch these glowies immediately (not after a delay, this delay adds nothing)
- Come up with a different control scheme. Should use only 2 keyboard buttons (left, right). Or entirely mouse based. Maybe it always moves. Maybe it moves to the mouse. Maybe when you drag mouse it moves. Either way, 4 buttons is just an annoyance and the idea to switch between 4 buttons and mouse clicks is really poor. It fits FPSs, not "simple minimalist puzzle games"
Cool idea, needs work!

oQo responds:

We're gonna think a lot about the control scheme, it looks like nobody manages to get it right :/

This is both a delightful experience, in that it's so smooth and soothing, and it's completely original as far as I've seen. Truly, a really nice game with some really well thought-out mechanics.

oQo responds:

Aw thanks, it's heartwarming :D

Nice concept and the sounds are beautiful.
The controls could be better. Maybe if you could only go left and right...(Hold right and you can go around and around.) It wouldn't always work that well but maybe on most levels.
No glitches for me only that bug. :D
The game is pretty straight forward, you have to experiment a little with every colour but it's okay. The background's a little flat and so the 'character', and the 'flowers'.
Good job anyway.

oQo responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback!
The controls are our toughest issue, we have already thought about it a lot, and the solution you suggest, which is the most intuitive, doesn't work very well as you say for some levels (and is overall not so enjoyable, despite it seeming to be) :/ We are gonna keep thinking about that for the final game!
It's nice to see that your other points should be largely improved for the final game, we already started the work on making all of this a bit less flat :)

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Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2017
4:45 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other