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cartoons getting killed



Quite the strange movie I must say, haha! In some cases this was hilarious my two favorite parts was first of all with Snoopy sitting on the dog house with Ramones music playing, but the other was when Selvester pictured the old lady nagging at him and he held up her dismembered head that was truly hilarious and very witty. Some things were quite clever for it's time like Eminem being killed by an M&M with the bird who threw a grenade at his head. The quality of animation was actually really nice and the scenes all had some good effort put into them. But by choosing Snoopy, Loony Tunes, The Smurfs and all those classic characters it attracted a lot of angry fans apparently. The timing of the video is also longer than I thought which is good and entertaining.

Although I said it was clever many of the scenes were pure rubbish nonsense like the hand coming out and squishing Curious George was just a dull moment asking for some genius to help the script. Also since the action scenes always had to slow down to present a kill button for the viewer to click the video was really choppy and lagged over half the time. You should have just done a straight through cartoon character killing spree flash instead.

Really well done with excellent comedy and some very funny witty moments but the video runs like crap because of the constant kill button, I'd say scrap that whole idea and just have a cartoon character killing spree showdown. Nice work though, it's absolutely hilarious!


I saw this 10 years ago, a decade later and I'm still laughing

Why would you wanna kill Snoopy.

i love this!

i saw this 10 years ago and it is still hilarious :)

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3.64 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2002
10:49 PM EST
Comedy - Parody