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John's Calamity

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"John's Calamity" is a small 'Prologue' to its older brother "Inner Voices". I am not promoting this anywhere so try to keep it secret and don't share it around. I would like to keep "John's Calamity" as a hidden content of "Inner Voices". ;)

Learn about the 'real deal':
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/559130/Inner_Voices/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/InnerVoicesGame
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ZIqhOavt-44
Website: http://inner-voices.com

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I generally expect some Lovecraftian horror from you. This kinda felt like you had a million ideas for stories, but couldn't choose which one to use on your next game, so you made a filler episode with a bunch of deus ex machinae and the placed it in a game about a man-ballerina who spins around majestically. I understand that it is supposed to be a preview for your next game, but if the demo isn't interesting, people won't want to keep going for full price.

On another note, "A weird, weird doll" -Description of a mannequin found next to NIGHTMARE HITLER.

It's a nice prologue which is revealed gradually through time, like a long lost memory. It seems that John is a passive aggressive character. However, there is no game inside. To me, I felt I was flipping over a few pages of a book.

Well, all I know is, if Droney works on anything it's gonna be GOOD. You guys rock so hard. Can't wait to play the big game.

FatDogGames responds:

Well Drone Locker was our collaborator, and I must say - his input and experience in Game Dev and horror genre was and is beyond measurable! :D

It's not a bad demo but then again it feels misplaced since all of the pieces aren't put together yet.
To explain what I have said; Since the full game is not out, the symbolism shown in the objects isn't understandable, especially to those who don't actually look to see how this relates to another game you are making.
It's overall an okay demo compared to what I've seen and I do like how you use the objects to tell some of the story. I know it must have been a small time for you to have worked on this since you're working on a much bigger scale project- which I congratulate you on. :D
What the demo itself needs is a little more editing when it comes to grammar. Some mistakes were made but they weren't very apparent. I do think that this would be a good game for people to look for and figure out that not only did you make a full game but also a demo which was a prequel to it.

When it comes to making your big release, I have played and seen many games in the horror genre that either flop or are for profit. I'm sure that you're doing this for better reasons than those though. If you're going to label a price on it- if you really want people to feel that it was worth it- take into consideration the length of it and the work put in. I have never released a game myself so I'm sorry if I sound like a crazy critic right now. I've just had it with people making a 30 minute game and sell it on Steam for $10.00. No joke, there are plenty that do that or simply use mazes or key hunts to pad the gameplay length.
I wish you the best with your game and good luck with it! I'll be sure to watch for it!

FatDogGames responds:

Actually John's Calamity being so "out of context" was intentional. Remember the P.T. for newest Silent Hill that never been finished? The idea behind it was to put an interactive part of the lore of the final game - outside of the final game, long before the release. And then to let it sink to the bottom of the internet. Hence the name. P.T. - Playable Teaser.
Why? Treasure hunting! :D

Upon the day of the game release - all traces leading to John's Calamity - will vanish. Leaving only hand full of people knowing. So if someone likes Inner Voices - he might bump into John's Calamity on their search. Its like a Easter Egg/secret but hidden OUTSIDE of the main game.

That's why I actually want John's Calamity to remain un-popular. Specially as it has some bits and pieces that are not in the Inner Voices. John's Calamity is actually full of secret answers. But in order to learn their question - you need to finish Inner Voices.

Oh and about the game Leigh... lemme say this - we have a full playthrough of the game recorded... and its 74 minutes long... being played by one of us. So its more of a speedrun because we know all the solutions for each and every puzzle and challenge. For the player to finish the game - we are talking about like 4-6h MINIMUM. For $10, no jerky DLC.
Does it sounds fair enough? :)

As a working prologue, this is fantastic. Very atmospheric and clever. The writing needs an editor to give it a tightening up, but overall tremendous.

FatDogGames responds:

Wow thank you Ludicrous! :D It really means a lot. Adrian(the real author) wanted to expand the minigame and add more locations but sadly -we've just run out of time :(
But who knows what the future shall bring.
Thank you again :D