Dungeon Of Cataclysm V3

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Please give us criticism on the game, and tell us how to make it better!

Finally added in a bunch of things that have been sitting in the background
-new battle system
-new menu
-new music
-you can change volume
-new scene
-new lines


Fun game would be 5 stars with a bit more work i think. I would love to see some new things like weapons or a way to save the game would be incredible useful. Also having inventory on "Tab' feels kinda clunky maybe if you changed it to 'I' or just had custom key bind options. I am turly looking forward to see where your game goes from here

P.S A futa slime on the main character would be hot as a side option since i get its not everyones cup of tea.

P.P.S I had to write this three times because it was not posting for some reason

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I'm not great with reviews, this is my first time commenting/reviewing on Newgrounds but I was afk for a moment and when I got back it said that I lost exp (I assume from a fight) and lost 5 levels (on top of the whole grinding thing not really being very rewarding in such an under developed game). Considering that this will very likely happen to many other people. maybe implementing some sort of function that will prevent a fight from being started if the player is entirely still. But that being said, I really like the game so far and I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

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DragonGladiator responds:

(hopefully) if you lose EXP in any way, as long as you have spent all your skill points, you will not lose a level.

(Your total exp and level will only go down if you have unspent skill points, it will also remove these skill points on leveling down.)

It's coming along very well, but i got stuck in few walls still in the dungeon. A couple I had to restart the game cause I couldn't get out.

It gets an average rating, though I do like it, it's coming along nicely. Other than what I've already seen mentioned before by others, perhaps a means, at least in these early releases, to go back to any of the scenes. Perhaps a filler tab in the inventory screen that allows you to go through the scenes again? Makes it a bit easier than replaying the entire grind again. Otherwise keep up the good work.

Needs a LOT of work still! (as you prob already know) - but I really like where I think it's going, a lot of elements are great, and I really enjoyed what I saw and could do so far, so keep up the good work!

(I see a lot of potential, and you already have a solid base setup to it, would/could be a great early game in your portfolio if you see it through to the end)

PS: Can we get some big tit milfs up in here? Maybe a witch or a bar-maid? ;-) haha

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2.84 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2017
3:25 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG