Dungeon Of Cataclysm V3

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Please give us criticism on the game, and tell us how to make it better!

Finally added in a bunch of things that have been sitting in the background
-new battle system
-new menu
-new music
-you can change volume
-new scene
-new lines


great start. still a little buggy I like the que'd fight system.
tab labels in the menu would be nice
stairs still bug out a bit. when you walk at a diagonal down/up stairs you can get stuck in a wall.
The memory loss cliche is something you might want to change at some point.
I like that there is now a tutorial and the new character in it shows up again.
I like the progress you've made. keep up the good work.

how do you move?

DragonGladiator responds:

Upon bothering to read the introduction and exposition to the game, you will receive guidance on how to move.

I currently can't open the game as It shows a tiny portion of the full screen, as if the actual game has been put up and to the left letting me a tiny bit of it. I will not rate properly yet instead opting for a middle of the road approach, but I hope you can fix this. I am on windows 10 using Microsoft edge. I'm also using a HP Laptop.

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DragonGladiator responds:

thanks, I have no clue as to why this would be happening, but I'll try to find out, keep in mind it may be something on your computer.

Yeah I get hella lost. I enjoy the art but really wish that I didn't have dialog boxes the entire time. Would be good to be able to replay some of the scenes. The game glitches out on me every time I start it up. First time my character was spinning in circles and all the scenes were flashing by rapidly so that was weird but funny. Would be great to be able to talk to people to gain a little help on where to be going or a hint somewhere. Other than that thought it amuses me

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good game got stuck as cant find the nurse not sure if implemented yet though so keep up the good work

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2.84 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2017
3:25 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG