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WIP: World In Progress

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Apr 24, 2017 | 9:17 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Chrome is strongly recommended, and Fullscreen (Press 'F').

Made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 38. This is still FULL OF BUGS, and isn't quite complete--Just keep that in mind.

Ludum Dare Game Page:

For the best experience, download the standalone PC version here (And stay tuned for an optimized and improved web version):

F to toggle fullscreen (highly recommended)
Arrow Keys(Recommended for Browser version) or Mouse(Recommended for Standalone version) to move
Mousewheel to zoom
UI Controls or Z, X to zoom minimap
Q, E, W, S, A, D to Rotate (this helps with gun targetting)
Guns fire automatically (at larger planets only)

Fly your planet through space collecting smaller planets to increase your size and to gain resources!

Avoid large planets, or destroy them with your blasters to mine their resources.

-Move fast
-Use the minimap
-Practice rotating your planet (it can't shoot through itself)
-A planet's resource makeup determines its color. Red means high in iron, Green means high in carbon, and Blue means high in Hydrogen.

**Forthcoming features**
-Planet customization
-Hostile AI planets that shoot back
-Graphics customization
-Resource spending to purchase:
-Organic Life

**Known Issues**
-Potentially low framerate in browser. Stay tuned for graphics customization and a downloadable exe!
-Controls are buggy in the browser (We're working on it! Hang Tight!)
-After clicking the restart button, planets may fail to be destroyed
-Player planet sometimes does not destroy when it's supposed to
-Planets sometimes explode into LARGER pieces, potentially causing game crashes
-Occasional Out of memory errors

Find a bug or have a suggestion? Leave a comment, or send a message please!

Want to leave a review? Think first: this was made in a short amount of time, but a lot of hard work still went into it.


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