'Tis a small world

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"'Tis a world of slaughter, a world of tears; 'Tis a world of screams and a world of fears"

In this game, you play as a small child who's imagination has run away with them on their first ride through the "'Tis a small world" ride at Wilt Dinsey's World. Travel on the boat through the dangerous wilderness of their imagination.

We ran out of time on this LudumDare submission, sadly, but we might put some work into this in our spare time after LD38 is completed.

Special thanks to chefllama17 for helping with brainstorming and trying to get the API to work! Next time we'll do it for sure :)

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I really like the concept to this game!!!!! The art style a bit clunky but I like it. The only nitpick I have is the turning due to how slow it is and can easily get you killed. I found out the best strategy is to kill the enemies up ahead. the enemy use was fine enough but perhaps a bit more by remodeling some to fit their proper habitats such as a snow owl for the tundra? I do wish the best for this game.

Nice 3D graphics and good variety of enemies for the duration of the game. The game-play s too simple trough. I finished this on my 4th attempt and although I did buy some upgrades, I feel they were unnecessary and I just won because I adjusted to the game mechanics. I won before buying machine gun and after that I replayed game one more time with machine gun and the result was me winning in a flawless game with no heath lost.

More complex game with let's say three different tracks each more harder then other and different enemies on each of them, a crosshair instead of standard winnows cursor, visible weapon tips, at least one additional weapon and an animated level exit would earn a five stars rating from me.

snoboxstudio responds:

This was a game-jam game, sadly it is not complete :(

Cool and Nice

In my opinion, Nothing too new or interesting. I can tell however that quite a bit of work has been done.

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3.05 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2017
11:50 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person