Dragon Ass Ball v1.0

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Simplesmente ruim.

Same as the star wars one. Better text, better drawing, and what is attacking the girls when you click at the top of the bar?

Nothing in dragon ball has a blue tentacle.

rly man ive played pixel/dot graphic games that looked 100x better than this played 100x better too, text games too, single 3 star sketch draft by a random artist on any site is better than this, i rly wanted to give a good review or even no review but think to myself it was worth more than 2 seconds of my time, go practice and find a few games for examples and inspiration then come back and make this worth at least 3 stars, this was barely good enough for 90s nothing more. now i feel dirty and a jerk for giving such a bad review tho to b as honest as ive been so far, nvr played a game i couldnt at least give a thumbs up for effort or w/e. >_<


why bother?