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Cortex's Airship

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◘Sir Isaac (Neo Cortex / N. Gin):

◘Sr Pelo (Natives):

◘LukeTheFox (Dingodile):

◘ClimaxTiger (Tiny Tiger):

◘Steffu (Coco Bandicoot):

◘ Follow me on Twitter: http://bit.ly/aniocotwitter

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Lol, This Was Funny

Super appreciate the nuance details like the music and sound effects.Props for re-animating a 90's classic! Gotta love Crash!

It's really funny!

Glad the squirrel fared OK. XD Love the expressions, the silly tribal voice acting (and silly humor overall), the expectable plot that still surprises with the details, the laid-back pace and all the way thorough thoroughly enjoyable animation! Also don't get too much Crash Bandicoot stuff up in here, so much appreciate the nostalgia. :) Grand work!


It was a bit slow paced
dingodile didnt really do anything
the voice acting was ok would have been better if took it from the games
instead of insert joke should have put a joke there