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Transfer 2017

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Thanx for frontpaged, folks! As some of you asked, I add 2 links for better understanding a game.
Complete walktrougth:
Release trailer:
You also can ask game-matter questions in comments below.

Greetings, description reader!

In this small game you can live a day out of the life of the laboratory assistant. The villain breaks into his scientific leader and wants to settle the scores. To save your boss and find out the reasons for what is happening, you can overcome obstacles on each of the seven levels and solve puzzles.

Basic methods of control
Arrows for movement
Down/Up/Space for interacting with objects and puzzles
While solving puzzles use R for Restart and Q for Quit current puzzle.
The target of each puzzle is to reproduce the pattern somewhere near on a screen.
If you steal have questions feel free to ask in a comments and I will answer you and maybe change the description

Also some tech moments:
If you ll have a low frames per second on each level you can press F key to descrease a quality. Also you can change it using a Right Click context menu.

On the errors and problems write in the comments.
I'm waiting for your opinions, feedback and wishes.

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I loved it. i got all but one of the first 4 puzzles. then i realized the blinky node so i tried to follow the binks to no avail. so then i figured i would start the game again and wait for the blink and follow along and wha do ya know bam i got it. Its kinda cheating but its a well hidden mechanic that only works if you wait for it. I'm doing another run through so i can try with out the help. The art in this game was really done really well. This is one of the those games that reminds me why i love Newgrounds so much and continue coming here after 18 years! Fantastic!

Really interesting game, and I was able to play through it. The artwork is great and the storym while being cryptic, kinda something you want to stick with until the end.

Also, really awesome ending music ;)

Art style is fun. But game is pretty buggy. My first play through after getting the floppy disc avoiding the enemies and picking up the professor, the game glitches and allows you to walk as far right and left as you want and wont let you down the ladders. Second play though I hit the switch at the control room and accidently spawned the grunt, somehow I dodged and lived ran to the elevator for the med bay, and it wouldnt activate. After committing suicide the grunt spawns right after hitting the control room switch.

As far as games of this particular genre go, it's not too bad, but the directions are kind of vague, aside from the occasional diagram and signs. I got as far as the medical bay and the monster, but couldn't determine what to do afterwards. I understand that it probably has something to do with the machine that the scientist is hooked up to now, though beyond that, I'm absolutely clueless. Perhaps you could add a link to the game description with some hints? Or add some to the game?

leonidoss341 responds:

Now it is a link in 'Authors commentary' with complete walktrought. Hope it will help :)

Good Game!