Escape from seenu brick room

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Game Description:In the seenu brick room escape game, you are lockedup in a brick room without any reason, try to figure out how to escape from the brick room. Use mouse to search.
the location and find items, use them to slove puzzles, play close attention to clues.


There are many random objects on each scene. Some seemed clickable, but nothing happened. I was stuck with a screwdriver and a colour puzzle for a while and didn't feel like continuing.

This game really needs some work. You make it very difficult to tell what's interact-able and what isn't by filling the house with seemingly useful things (sponges, a chalk board, etc.). This game would actually be incredibly straightforward if you hadn't done that, as it became very easy for me once I found all the little nooks and crannies that I knew were things I could interact with. It's honestly just a mess and very confusing, especially with how weirdly compressed certain locks and screws.

Many of the objects seem like they should be manipulable, but aren't. For example, the fridge and the cupboards, and the oven. Since some objects can be manipulated and others can't. Also, I had an eye object disappear from my inventory, preventing me from progressing. Finally, some of the boxes for interactions don't seem to line up properly with the images. For example, the book on the bookshelf is the same, no matter what book I select, but I can only select some of the books/shelves. If there is only one book to pick, make sure the box is either the whole shelf, only one compartment, or even only one book.

The box issue and manipulation issue give the game a sense of "cheapness," like you never know what will and will not work, which erodes player confidence and breaks immersion. The eye disappearing just makes the game unplayable.

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One star just so you don't feel bad. Look at other escape games and learn from them. This was horrible.

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Colour code is messed up and 1 eyeball disappeared from inventory. Sorry but not impressed.

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1.90 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2017
2:44 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click