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Trump realizes there are things he can't do while Hillary continues pretending she's President.

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This is accurate.

Samination responds:

A little too accurate.

Even tho this topic was very popular and many people already had their fill of it, I liked your jokes and found them pretty funny. I enjoyed the interactions between Hillary and Bill the most (except maybe the joke about talking). Good job overall!

Samination responds:

The world is completely different than when started The George Bush Show waaaay back in 2003. Nobody else was making fun of Bush because of 9/11. So, I had the market all to myself.

Today, anyone and everyone is taking on Trump and animation is easier than ever to produce with programs such as Character Animator and such. And much like Bush, Trump is comedy gold.

However, I'm trying to take a different approach from everyone else. Instead of closely following what is happening in real life, I'm creating my own characters and storylines with a little sprinkle of reality.

Oh look, yet another SJW jumping on the trump-hatewaggon. How brave and totally not mainstream

Samination responds:

Sorry snowflake.

If I'm being honest, i'm kind of tired of the whole trump vs clinton thing. Trump won, hillary didn't get over it.
During all of 2016, whenever trump or hillary did something as important as pick their nose in public there was a five page article or a 10 minute youtube video about it.

I don't follow politics and purposely avoid anything politics related, and i still know way too much than i want to because of the news and social media.

Politcal parodies are so over done and stale right now.

There were a few funny parts, like the "corpse hole" and when trump barbecued the baby dinosaur.
The rest of the jokes were cheesy, cliche, and harped on the same old character flaws from the trump, hillary, and the political parties.

The designs weren't very detailed and the animation was ok.

Samination responds:

Now, tell me how you really feel.

I loved everything about this animation. The ending with Bill Clinton was perfect. I love how Trump's kid looks like Richie Rich. haha Keep doing what you do Samination.

Samination responds:

Will do. Another ep is planned for this Summer and it's going to get even weirder.

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3.87 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2017
4:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Original

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