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The technological singularity is upon us.

Humans have transcended their corporeal bonds and their souls have come together in the hivemind of human consciousness.

Unfortunately for you, you don’t possess a soul. You are a robot.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you are tasked with cleaning up the remains of humanity. You were programmed in particular to collect humanity’s shoes.

To make matters worse, your battery is running out. Get going!


Shoehunt is a game that I made in about 2.5 days in preparation for #LD38 to help me get a sense of what I can do in that time frame. Overall, I’m not too ashamed of the result. Having said that, it’s not exactly revolutionizing the genre of… whatever genre this is.

If you’re interested in my other games, you can find me here:


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Nice Game But defineily needs more elements and I dont really know how use battery probaly a touriol would help new players

Very cool game! I played it for 10 minutes and still wasn't bored. A bit challenging though, also I don't understand how the battery works.... But that's probably just me :) This game was pretty fun, and I'd like to see more games from you in the future

Very simple... but for its purpose and the timeframe it was made in, I think it's still admirable, I know I couldn't do better in 2.5 days :D Could use more items, some additional mechanic other than the battery (maybe battery and damage be separate things?), as well as something you can do other than just move in four directions (e.g. spend battery power to rush).

Very fun, little game. One of thing that you should REALLY add would be a highscore leaderboard, so users can compate themselves to others. Also, a few more gameplay elements would also be appreciated.
Nice job:)