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Triple UPDATE: Fixed Resolution issues and increased Memory allocation, should run better. (Unless you are using a toaster)

If you are having problems loading use FireFox



Fix. This.

The issue with this game isn't the browser or the loading, it's the overall programming. This says it's the demo, but it performs like it's still in Alpha.

1. Your assets don't match. One character is an animated 3D model that's supposed to be some anime fairy, but it doesn't have wings and it's dressed in some pretty futuristic gear. The guest assets are your typical 2D anime characters.

2. Your tutorial. As the tutorial plays, it tries to show you samples of your options. Problem is, those samples take over the screen, block the dialogue box, and you can't exit out of it. I happened to find that trying to access one of the menu options and Back takes me back to the tutorial.

3. Actual gameplay. I've had issues with guests not paying. I've had issues with with first guest actually repeating his stay onto the next day. I've had issues with item descriptions being assigned to the wrong item. I've had issues with the amount of money I have doesn't add up to the amount of money I spend (example: I finally had 100 Pounds. I wanted to spend 30 pounds on the romantic movie. I was left with 20 pounds after purchase. Somehow this pricing was mixed up with the adventure movie that was worth 80 pounds). I also found myself having to maximize the game screen because the player is oversized and doesn't fit on my browser. You have a 3D map of the hotel, yet I can't do anything with it to improve those rooms.

4. Room Items. They make no sense and I cannot purchase them when I do have the money.

I don't know what you were trying to do, but if the full version is out, I'd like to see if any of these concerns were addressed and fixed. I'd like to know you didn't start a kickstarter and did nothing about those problems.

This game is very early in development. This makes it nearly unplayable. Please work on taking this to a working state.

Couldn't finish the tutorial let alone start it. A menu blocked all of the dialog.

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Good work

I can't even finish the tutorial, because some windows appear and cover the text, impossible to close them to read instructions. This game is clearly unfinished. The music is nice tho and I think this game has potential, it's just all the bugs that make it unplayable.

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2.14 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2017
6:23 PM EDT
Simulation - Job