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Bombs La Bombs

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Welcome to the arcade world of Bombs La Bombs. In this arcade style game, you will walk,run,jump,shoot and collect different power-ups to defeat the evil baddies. Bombs will work on certain enemies and shooting will work on certain enemies so figure out which is which.

Each power-up that you collect will give you a different
effect. Ex: collect the 1-up will give you a free life, collect the
swordy power-up and you will be able to fire double swords and etc....
Can you survive???

Main Menu Controls
Keyboard Controls
Press Space bar or Left mouse click to start game

Game-pad Controls
Press A button to start game

Left mouse click or Press B button on the Johnson 80 Games Logo
to go to more games

Left mouse click or Press Y button on the Facebook Logo
to go to Johnson 80 Games Studio page

In-Game Controls
Keyboard Controls
Arrow keys for Movement
Down Arrow key to activate fall thru
Press C Key to jump
Press X key to shoot
Press Z key to drop bombs

Game-pad Controls
D-Pad for Movement
Press Down on D-pad to activate fall thru
Press A Button to jump
Press B button to shoot
Press Y button to drop bombs

Press the F Key
Press the Right Analog Stick on Game-pad

Press Tab key on keyboard to go back to Main Menu
Press Back button on game-pad to go back to Main Menu


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The Graphics and general layout and idea is good. It took me a long time to figure out how to play it. I didnt even know the jumping tape was killing me at first. Why will only bombs kill the tape and the other weapon kill the bubble thing, i found it hard work when both enemys where together. Overall good i just found it a bit hard.

Johnson80Games responds:

The game will take a minute to get use to. Each of the power-ups in the is different. Bombs will work on certain enemies and shooting will work on others. I have design six more levels which will be in the full version. There is also boss battles so I hope that you will support the full version. Thanks for your input gamer

I really don't feel this is well developed enough. I normally don't give reviews unless something is really wrong. This game is really wrong. It may not be the worst game ever but I wanted to give the game designers an idea about how unhappy I am.
The controls are bad and were not included within the game. Everything was very awkward. Even restarting was difficult.
This could be a fun game if the developers acualty worked on it

Johnson80Games responds:

This game is only a demo its not the complete version yet. I'm testing different things to get some feedback.

You need to change the keys to something more intuitive ... (The TAB key for returning to the main menu ... really?) Why not use the UP key for jumping?

Other than that, it looks pretty decent.

Johnson80Games responds:

I want to thank you for playing and leaving a review. I did not program the up arrow for jumping because it will be mapped for something else. Now far as the controls for going back to the main menu it was the space bar but some gamers voted on changing it to the tab key. When I hold another voting case for controls I will sure to mention what you said.

Nothing bad

Johnson80Games responds:

Thank you gamer. You get to play 2 levels for now until the full version is complete so stay tune