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Iron Kiss

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You have to defeat the champion to win your freedom.
Shoot lasers, crush your opponent, manage your energy, attract the opponent ship with your magnet.

Controls: Mouse and arrow keys.

up arrow: thruster
right arrow: shoot
left arrow: energy regeneration
down arrow: magnet

Playtime: 30 minutes if you are good.
Laelius or Laelia have the same story.

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Here's hoping this becomes a movie/novel series that gets picked up soon. It reminds me of Judge Dredd, Johnny Mnemonic, and Escape from (insert archetypal hell here). Worth every second of combo deciphering.

Good job on this ending was nice

Found your hidden ending. Was unimpressed.

I won't be one of these spergs acting pointlessly mystical about it: Load up on armor and chip Rufus to death with the magnet. Upgrade hull and tower and you can out button-mash Prisca by hammering left+right. Sell all your gun upgrades, tank hull and put what's left in engine and you'll have just enough to outlast Capito by holding him under the beam at the right edge.

For your trouble, "The explosion created a breach in the prison. Many prisoners escaped. Laelia was not found."

The battle with Athena, the life point numbers get chaotic and it's impossible to tell how much health both of us have, so it's hard to come up with a strategy. Also it looks like her ship doesn't take damage?

AAAAAND I DID IT! After a long time and button spamming i finally got the good ending, took me like 30 minutes of trying but I loved the game.

Pandadoor responds:

Awesome, thanks for playing!