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Logic Tracks

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Author Comments

Here is little puzzle to tease you brain a bit.
Rules are simple:
1. Drag marker over tile to flip its color.
2. Set all tiles green to complete level.
3. Level failed if run out of moves!

Test your logic skills and beat all 45 levels!

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Absolutely wonderful. You always make the best puzzles :)

Cool game! Great job

It's a good idea... But the game doesn't progress past the first level... Can't review a game I can't play.

When I light up all the tiles, the game just freezes and I can't click anything. There's no next level marker or anything. I can't drag the icon anymore and nothing else can be done.

I gave it 5 stars because I know this has to be a problem on my end if this is on the front page and I'm pretty sure others would have mentioned this if it were happening to them. But it does look like a great game and feels like a great way to get the brain going... So all I need to do is figure out what the hell is going on with why I can't seem to get this game to work right.

eliolanda responds:

That's strange. Try playing game from Level Select screen or try using different browser, that might help.

It crashed after a little while of playing but it's a cool concept and looks nice.

Great game:)