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Stop the Pop!

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Stop the Pop is a 2D platform game about a popcorn kernels adventure. Our hero is a regular popcorn kernel who wakes up to see his kernel friends go through the traumatic experience of falling into melted butter and oil, and then popping into delicious popcorn. You have to join our hero on an exciting adventure through treacherous environments where he faces strange foes. You have to keep our hero's temperature down and stop him from turning into popcorn.

Move using the arrow keys
Jump by pressing the space bar
Kick by pressing left control button



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Android Download

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controls are to sketchy. The jump is off and it takes to long to get going when trying to run.

buckning responds:

Thanks for your review. I can look into improving it. What do you mean by the jump is off? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it better?

Nice, you kept it 2d without screwing up the physics. Unity looks like a cool engine.

buckning responds:


I like the idea. It's pretty funny and it caught my attention. :P

buckning responds:

Thanks! :)

This is very well made, maybe there are a few little movement/hitbox glitches (which show up only if a bad movement is done) but the design is cute, original and divers (so many different items and obstacles!)
It seems a lot of attention has been brought to the level design. Like:
-Timing: I never had to wait too long for moving obstacles or platforms.
- Paths: I could always see where I had to go, no jumps in the void where we can't see where we'll land... + I didn't get lost!!
- Challenge: Things felt well balanced (obstacles, checkpoints with the health bar system). Its not a hard-core platformer but its not that easy to get 3 stars everywhere either.

The only thing I would suggest is: Avoid all system keys for games, those keys can be already assigned to system utilities. How about UP for jumps, and space for kicks?

buckning responds:

Thank you so much for your detailed review! It means a lot that you found the level design good, that was something I was worried about since this is my first game.
I like your suggestion about changing the keys. I'll definitely look into it over the next few days.
I'd like to know more about the movement glitches you mentioned earlier. Could you elaborate more on that? I'd like to get as many bugs out of this as I can!

Good Game! I loved how unique this game was and enjoyed playing it.

buckning responds:

Thanks very much! I'm glad you like playing it!