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Adventure - RPG

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Apr 11, 2017 | 5:13 AM EDT

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The AllFather with our Mother created four children to populate this world. But the Cycle corrupted them and destroyed their purity.

Now the world is stuck in an unending circle of pain and misery. Not even death can provide release from this torment.

However, our Mother's fifth child, the Defiler of the Cycle's Purity has finally awoken. Untainted by the evil of this world, it must destroy the sinners and the impure.

Those we fed the Cycle must be dealt with.

WASD to move
SPACEBAR to interact
BACKSPACE to return to the Nexus
LMB to do everything else



Rated 1 / 5 stars

this game needs a tutorial i have no idea what is going on i mean i can understand what all the stats and stuff mean but as soon as i enter a battle (at least i thought it was a battle) i am just button mashing because i have no idea what is going on


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I think you need to work on better instructions. In my case it's seems to work but I don't know what I'm doing.
I like the sounds and the idea, if you upload this again I would give it another try.

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SelfishDream responds:

Here are some more detailed instructions.


WASD to move and aim during battles.
SPACEBAR to interact with other characters.
BACKSPACE to return to the nexus when you are traversing the red dungeons.
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON for everything else.


Destroy the four Pillars of Strength to be accepted.
Distribute your stats. New disciplines will unlock depending on your stats.


VITALITY: Your health.
STAMINA: For Strength-based attacks.
MANA: For Intelligence-based attacks.
STRENGTH: Determines your damage using Strength-based attacks.
DEXTERITY: Determines your ability to dodge attacks.
DEFENSE: Determines your ability to absorb damage.
INTELLIGENCE: Determines your damage using Intelligence-based attacks.
CHARISMA: Unlocks new dialogue from a specific character.

Choose your abilities. Each discipline has a different speed, damage modifier and use.


UNARMED: Needs 10 Strength. Speed 1. Damage: Strength*2
FIST WEAPONS: Needs 20 Strength. Speed 2. Damage: Strength*4
SHORT BLADED WEAPONS: Needs 30 Strength. Speed 3. Damage: Strength*6
LONG BLADED WEAPONS: Needs 40 Strength. Speed 4. Damage: Strength*8
POLE WEAPONS: Needs 50 Strength. Speed 5. Damage: Strength*10
CLEAVING WEAPONS: Needs 60 Strength. Speed 6. Damage: Strength*12
BLUNT WEAPONS: Needs 70 Strength. Speed 7. Damage: Strength*14
CHAIN WEAPONS: Needs 80 Strength. Speed 8. Damage: Strength*16
THROWING WEAPONS: Needs 90 Strength. Speed 9. Damage: Strength*18
BOWS: Needs 100 Strength. Speed 10. Damage: Strength*20

PAIN: Needs 10 Intelligence. Speed 1. Damage: Intelligence*1
AGONY: Needs 20 Intelligence. Speed 2. Damage: Intelligence*2
MISERY: Needs 30 Intelligence. Speed 3. Damage: Intelligence*3
SORROW: Needs 40 Intelligence. Speed 4. Damage: Intelligence*4
EXILE: Needs 50 Intelligence. Speed 5. Damage: Intelligence*5
BANISHMENT: Needs 60 Intelligence. Speed 6. Damage: Intelligence*6
CORRUPTION: Needs 70 Intelligence. Speed 7. Damage: Intelligence*7
MALEVOLENCE: Needs 80 Intelligence. Speed 8. Damage: Intelligence*8
ETERNITY: Needs 90 Intelligence. Speed 9. Damage: Intelligence*9
PRISM: Needs 100 Intelligence. Speed 10. Damage: Intelligence*10

LIGHT: Needs 50 Defense. Duration 5. Doubles your Defense
DARKNESS: Needs 50 Dexterity. Duration 5. Doubles your Dexterity
TIME: Needs 50 Intelligence. Speed 5. Resets enemy
DEATH: Needs 100 Intelligence. Speed 5. The Harbinger
LIFE: Needs 50 Intelligence. Speed 5. Replenishes Health based on Intelligence
ARCANE: Needs 50 Intelligence. Duration 5. Doubles your Intelligence
NATURE: Needs 50 Intelligence. Speed 5. Replenishes Stamina based on Intelligence
DESTRUCTION: Needs 50 Strength. Duration 5. Doubles your Strength
ILLUSION: Needs 50 Charisma. Duration 5. Doubles your Charisma
BLOOD: Needs 50 Intelligence. Speed 5. Drains health to replenish mana based on Intelligence

When you reach the Nexus, you can interact with different characters, and enter the red dungeons.


In the Nexus you can:
> Rest and Save your Game
> Level Up your Stats with Essence
> Change your Disciplines
> Buy Potions
> Level Up your Stats with Items
> Buy Items
> Sell Items
> Talk
> Enter the 4 Pillars of Strength
> Reach Acceptance


The 4 red dungeons contain the Pillars of Strength.
Once the 4 Pillars of Strength are defeated, you can enter Acceptance.
To defeat an enemy, aim at its weak point and use your offensive abilities against it.
Once it is defeated, click to collect the resources it leaves behind to empower yourself.
Use potions to refill your lost health, stamina or mana.
If you perish, you can resurrect, but you will lose all of your essence.
Basic Stats (Vitality, Stamina, Mana) can be upgraded to 1000 with essence.
Discipline Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Defense, Intelligence, Charisma) can be upgraded to 50 with essence and to 100 with items.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Game does nothing for me. As in, I can't move, interact, nothing. (Firefox 52.0.2)