Sex-Arcade: Mini-game

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This Breakout mini-game was made mainly for study purposes before I started working on my real H-game project.
If you like bondage and H-games, you may be interested in checking out my Sex-Arcade Game over at:


Cheers and hope you enjoy this mini-game.

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sempre e bom aquilo feito por vc

Everyone enjoys a good breakout. That being said, i noticed sometimes using horizontal and veritcal boards caused issues reading the interface , especially parts where i had to nudge two flippers together into a corner. Maybe clicking left or right mouse button (or both) to help choose which ones you want to respond. If the ball gets stuck between the paddle, half the time it continued straight, other times it bounced back, not sure what the trick was there, if any.

All pictures unlocked for me. Strangely they were less explicit as it went on, but always nice to see some Fran.

I'm a bit confused to be honest. I can only play the first image, and it doesn't unlock in the gallery, so I assume to unlock the gallery you have to beat the game, but I can't beat the game because I can't select any other levels, so... eh? Is the game not finished or something? I mean, I like this breakout game, but I can only play the same level over and over and I'm wondering if that's on purpose or if it's just bugging out on mine. Ah well. Best of luck to you and your future projects.

Interesting. Simple and short, but well made. The atypical four paddles took a bit of getting used to, change the play style just enough to make things interesting. Mildly disappointed at the cropped images, but still good. In all, a very solid little mini-game.

Getting a black screen (10/10, would stare at again) but everyone says good things about it, so I'll assume the problem's on my end.

Would appreciate it if you'd list any software or compatibility issues in the description, though. The only part of the game I can sense is the music, which is rather soothing, so that's good.