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Rampage across the wastes of nuclear apocalypse in not one tank, but a chain of up to six! Complete missions to earn scrap, upgrade your Chaintank, and defeat the MEGA CHAINTANK before it's too late!

W – Drive forward
AD – Steer left and right
Mouse – Aim
Left click – Fire

Alternate controls:
WASD – Move up/left/down/right – your tank will turn automatically
Mouse – Aim
Left click – Fire

Use the options menu to change between control schemes.

Extra information (all of this is included in the in game tutorial):

Upgrade your tank between missions to take on tougher missions.
Add extra tanks to your Chaintank for more guns, and for a small speed boost.
Upgrade tanks for more DPS, HP, and more speed if you upgrade the lead tank.
Change turrets for more damage by clicking on the tank icons on the left.
Buy tech upgrades to upgrade your damage, speed, and HP.

Selecting missions:
The yellow icon tells you how much scrap you'll get for completing the mission.
The clock tells you how much time the mission will take. You only have 24 (in game) hours, make the best use of them that you can!
Threat is randomly generated by most missions. Each mission generates threat within a certain range. The 'BEST' and 'WORST' bars will tell you the best and worst possible outcomes, with a green bar removing threat, and a red bar adding to it.
If you fill up your threat bar, you will be forced into a tough mission with only a small scrap reward, be careful when choosing a risky mission!
The difficulty indicates how tough the tanks and towers will be inside the mission.
Once you run out of time, you have to fight the final boss!

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This is an actual really good game! Hard mode is..... hard (of course). And the music is sweet. But what actually makes it quite realistic is that as you lose the 2nd chain trailer, all others will be gone as well (that doesnt happen with the mega chaintank).

I keep having this error message:
A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

Script: blob:http://uploads.ungrounded…3b-ab91-4912-b43d-ae5daad5a704:19

The games keeps jamming this way whenever I either try to topple a government, or raid an armory during the late game.

nice game!
you should put "upgrade" in the tags list

ProjectX593 responds:

Good idea, done!

Beautiful game, unless your playing hard.
Pretty much anything that shows Difficulty high is legit wreck your face instantly for not playing enough low difficulty.

Hnmm, not sure if that's the difficulty curve or not, but, trial and error I guess.

ProjectX593 responds:

Hard is certainly possible! I've beaten the game a few times, if only barely. Learning to evade and attack effectively is key!

Wow! This looks interesting! I also like the concept with the 24 hours, haven't seen anything similar in a while :)

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3.15 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2017
12:47 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional