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Nice intro

This is a nice intro and I like the idea and concept here it's pretty fantastic idea so nice job there. The animation itself needs some more flowing animation just seems there was too little of it but also understand this is an intro for something else but still a decent entry if you ask me all it needs is more animation but anyways once again nice effort here

Some better flowing animation


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While the intro is straight forward the animation is at sometimes too snappy and is sometimes a bit poor, and while i understand want ing to be like the people that inspire you the chance of picking up as a story time "animator" isnt very high. It also bugs me how alot of htese people call this animation sure some like domics and jaiden animate it to some extent but i still feel like making a character bounce every 2 seconds isnt animation. Im not trying to be discouraging and if this is something you want to do then great, the animaton at some points vibrated to much, if you want to crethat wobbly effect you can always use tricks like changing the smoothness on one frame and repeating those 2 frames. All in all just try looking into animaton geninely outside of just lip sync and bouncing. Doing the story time vids is fine or whatever but maybe look into animation as a whole, you mAY FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE

Potatoverse responds:

Thanks. I never said that these were animations I myself actually think that you shouldn't call it that. But thanks for the encouragement (of some sort)


This is cute. Good luck with your channel! :3

Potatoverse responds:


Not bad! Simple animation, but goes along well with the narration, and I like the name. Potatoverse. Suitably random, yet grounded and familiar, with room for anything. Good intro.


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Apr 8, 2017
10:44 AM EDT