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A unique little time waster, where you take care of your own B0T! Make sure to keep him fed and hydrated or else you lose it!

Love arcade games? So does Scani! ;)

NOTE: If anyone knows how to make the save feature work for HTML5 games, (Yes, the save feature is functioning, but only seems to work with Windows..) please let me know!

This project was developed using Game Maker Studio. :)

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Great start (Dr. Robotnik is proud of you ;) )
I recommend a few fixes though:
1. The title screen and name box is laggy and the sound quality is horrible. Sounds like my speakers are crackling.
2. I wouldn't use the pop up boxes. The first time I saw it pop up I thought this game was just an advertising game and was going to take me to a new website. I would have rated it half a star had it not been for TesTer's review.
3. Adding some more mini games would be nice, and some interactions we can have with our bots. Maybe have one of the mini-games be involving with the mini-bot so it is like we are playing with the bot instead of just by ourselves.

Keep up the good work.

thekmanproductions responds:

Thank you so much, I am still very new to browser games. I am so used to making Windows games with GameMaker, but never went beyond that. It's so different when working with HTML5 and I'm quite impressed with myself... I thought I would get more comments like MikeZilla, who basically marked off the game over one mistake... I'm also worried about the save/load feature using HTML5 with Newgrounds... But, I'm sure I can find something. I am currently working on adding more mini-games. I think what I will do is make an entire menu of games like the hats, faces, food and drinks. I also want to add more interaction with the Bot as well as have it so you can have pets for your bot! I have so many things and ideas that I can use to expand this. :)

Very interesting, little game! The mini games were enjoyable enough and I like the fact that it wasn't ridiculously hard, because some games just take away your health/something else so quickly, that you just can't keep track. The balance here was well done. Good job!
For improving your game, you could maybe add more minigames, things to buy/customize, medals and so on.

thekmanproductions responds:

Thank you, I love getting actual constructive criticism on the game as a whole and not just one thing. Thank you so much! :) I am adding more mini-games, I had a friend give me some awesome ideas! :)

Please do not use modal/alert popups. Embed the yes/no into the Flash applet itself.

thekmanproductions responds:

Lol It's not flash... and I am aware of that, I forgot. lol Sad to know that one little, tiny mistake affected the whole rating of the game... lol It's just a minor fix. ;p

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2.80 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2017
3:11 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy