Madness Hunt 3

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Ladies and gentlemen, I finally give you the conclusion to the Madness Hunt trilogy! This took roughly 79 months (over six years) to complete after countless delays and sidetracks. The main things that got in the way (and far more often than I expected) were school, college, work, family, and friends outside of my NG life. I initially could not have possibly fathomed this taking even half as long as it did. Sorry for it being long overdue and how I couldn't finish sooner, though I hope it was worth waiting for. I'm certain it's my best work to date either way.

Madness Hunt 1 was crap (and so was pretty much all of my work prior to Madness Day 2009), but you should still watch that first if you haven't already. Afterwards, be sure to also see Madness Hunt 2 prior to watching this (which is substantially better than the first and was probably my masterpiece at the time of its submission). See https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/445740 for the first entry and http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/541576 for the second one.

Once you've watched those (in order), find out if Sheldon Darby Peters can finally succeed in killing the Sheriff of Michigan this time. If you look in the character biographies section in the opening menu, then you'll see I gave much more detailed backstories than in the previous two installments. Read those biographies to learn more about Sheldon, Hector Abram Haywood (the Sheriff), and Paul Franklin Reagan (the Deputy).

Finally, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers who voiced characters in this animation: N.M. Passell (a close friend of mine without a NG account), Gibb50, boss30, StefJohnVoiceOvers, and TheNGVirus (previously known as MissVirus). You guys helped make the project the best it could be. N.M. Passell in particular was by far my biggest supporter for the project as a whole since the very beginning, even before either of us thought about him participating as a voice actor.

Get ready for some action, and enjoy!!

Total time spent working on this flash animation: September 24, 2010 - April 5, 2017

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(First review on NG ever, hopefully I won't screw something up...)

I can definitely see your improvements here. From the first one... well, I don't need to say anything. From the second one, there was definitely more resistance from the agents, which is something I definitely wished the previous iterations had more of, and I like that. So, solid work on the action and gunplay there. There were some times midway through where I think sounds were getting out of sync, but my hard drive needs to be replaced, so that might just be on my end...

The voice acting was also well done here. I definitely laughed at the first part all because of it and having it in the combat scenes didn't really slow it down. The voice quality was also on par, so props to all of the actors.

Now the ending... yeah... problems. It seemed like it was going to be good, but I started feeling suspicious when Sheldon's ally (that dude in the green shirt, was he supposed to be his dead friend? I didn't see him in the bios) was just one-shot but simply ignored. Then Sheldon just wipes out the sheriff in just a few seconds and that's it? It was just so anticlimactic, man! It feels like after six and a half years you just wanted this to be done and out of the way.

But overall, it's clear your animation skills have improved greatly over all three Madness Hunts. You still end this story on a high note. (P.S. If you need voice acting for future animations, feel free to PM me, I could definitely lend a hand ;) )

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Glad you overall liked this and feel that both the action and my animation skills have improved :). I loved having humor with the hospital scene and listening to everybody's voice lines myself. Regarding sound sync, I'm sure that's because of your faulty hard drive since I didn't experience such issues. The Guardian (guy in green) is not Sheldon's killed friend (see the bios for details on the friend); he's a guy who hates the Sheriff even more than Sheldon does and was willing to help get rid of the corrupt bastard by any means necessary. He also appears towards the end of the hospital scene, once more shortly afterwards, and right after an agent killed Sheldon (where the Doctor helped revive him again) before attacking the Sheriff, so not just a one-shot or "simply ignored". I was eager to finish this after 6+ years, but wasn't rushing that ending; I had planned for a while for Sheldon and the Sheriff to have a sword fight, the Guardian saves Sheldon right as he's about to die, and for Sheldon to sneak attack and kill the Sheriff from behind while he's distracted and before he can fully register what's happening. Keep in mind they also had a bit of a duel beforehand where each shot the other's shoulder and the Sheriff then teleported away to treat his wound. It therefore wasn't such an abrupt kill. Thanks for the future voice acting offer as well!

Oh shit! I can't believe it's here after so long!

It was pretty great - loved the light tone, and the voice acting was fun too, though it was at times a little hard to hear cause the music was LOUD. Not a bother though, I'm just glad you've finally finished it. Nice one man!

Crazymonkey154 responds:

I had fun with the voices myself, and did amplify them as much as possible without distorting the sound, but couldn't really find a good way to lower the music's volume. It's nice to know you felt this was worth the (very long) wait!

Haha nice, that music tho. It felt like I watched some good old madness tribute

Crazymonkey154 responds:

I'm honored you feel that way, and really like the music choices for this as well :)

This is pretty cool man, you should do more collabs.

Crazymonkey154 responds:

This isn't a collab, but I have thought about joining more, and am glad you enjoyed this

I like the first scene with the voice overs. And you really had to put some effort into this which is always appreciated by us madsness fans :).

Crazymonkey154 responds:

That Doctor's scene was fun to make, and I put more effort into this than anything else I've done, especially considering this easily took longer than literally all of my previous submissions combined (including my pieces from collabs). It gives me great joy to see that effort is appreciated :).