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Princess Ness Episode 1

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A con artist and her fugitive friend reluctantly agree to go adventuring to gain the wealth and power needed to build their own Princess Kingdom! Surely it'll be super easy!

Starring: Kiane Chula King, Penni Smith, James Rallison, Rafael Villegas

Animated by Matt J. Wilson

Music composed by SAVESTATES

Credits song: "Love Dizzy" by Jeris f. Musetta (CC-BY)

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i'm piss

I'll keep an eye on the series looks clean and done with lots of love and effort !

I love the characteristics and designs.

''Its like punching but it hurts more''
this is amazing please continue

do more do more I love the animation and the voice actor please hug them for me. Its not often that we get such glamours non high pitch princesses as voice actor.