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Face Your Inner Demons- (Animated Music Video)

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Author Comments

I'm just beginning to animate videos. I'm still an amateur and have been working by myself for right now. This took a lot of hard work and I know it's not pretty or professional looking, but I'm glad I finished it. Let me know if you guys have any advice on what I need to work on....cause by all needs my work needs improvement

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Nice job! I like your style =) You also may divide it into two parts.

Its a pretty cool work!

To be an amateur in this u have really good things, the animation its fluid, the concept, colors and style its very interesting and matches a lot with the music and the theme of the animation i like it!

If i can give u a suggestion maybe it will be 2 things: 1- Watch the proportion, the screen or the way to see it its more rectangular, ur animation its into a square, then the colummns black at the sides are a little problem, and 2- improve a little the audio, the music its really cool but the quality of the audio its a little bad in some parts.

even with that things its a really good job keep working!

I REALLY love the grungy aesthetic that this has!! The art is really unique and goes with the song very well!

Really all I would say/ask is this: Are the background miners' animation reversed as the pickaxe comes up? I COMPLETELY get wanting to save time and effort, but it is noticeable!

Otherwise, honestly, this is very well made and I am adding it (and you) to my feed!! Can't wait to see more.

OneOfMillions responds:

You know, I never noticed that until you pointed it out. Your so right on those miners. I'll be sure to think out movements like that more carefully for now on. Thanks for the input, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Now I'm not an animator (although I do aspire to be one day) I am a musician and I thoroughly enjoyed the music for that> Well done!!

OneOfMillions responds:

Thanks, man I appreciate it. I feel, though, that I need to study up on audio recording to make the sound a little better. By the way, it's all a bass guitar (even the drum beats). Glad you enjoyed it!!

Interesting indeed.... What did you make this with?
Your animation skills are there. Sure, it's not pixel perfect. You're just one human being. Keep going man, I look forward to more from you as you continue to learn and grow.

OneOfMillions responds:

Thanks man! That means a lot to me! Yeah this was my first attempt at making an animation 5 minutes long, so it sure took a lot of work. It's not perfect, but I'm glad you liked it!