UDB: Marcuto vs Mamba

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Fresh out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Marcuto is shocked to confront Mamba waiting outside. After Mamba explains that he killed Master Shen, the Kami of their world, Marcuto lunges into action, taking on Mamba in an attempt to put him down once and for all. Will he succeed?!

Mamba Sprites: Me
Marcuto Sprites: BlastRider


Animation is really well done but I'm concerned about some of the music rights. SFX are pretty loud, specifically the chat SFX, and I would like if the chat boxes were somewhere in the vein of DBZ Buu's fury. Clean and smooth borders, small relative to the screen. I'm interested in what actually happened between these two. Have you done story episodes before?

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Jozarto responds:

I've noted and made desired changes. The song I used is a non copyrighted track made by a Youtube channel that does non copyrighted tracks for free. Not sure if I remember the name, but I can search it up.

Yes, I have done story episodes in the past. They are all on Youtube, but the animation was mediocre and very old. I might remaster the earlier episodes. If you want a link to the beginning of the series, I can provide that.

This is actually a joy to watch. That's all. But, try to keep the conversation short though. It killed it a little bit. Otherwise, you're doing great! ^_^

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Jozarto responds:

Thank you! I'll try to shorten conversation. This is a scene for a series I'm making, so conversation will be needed at times.

Animation and effects look great, my input is maybe have some of the conversation at the beginning and less pauses in the middle of some very well done fighting scenes, either that or don't hesitate to have a little more action going on when a text box is displayed, also the text box noises gets old pretty fast so cutting down on that would also be a plus

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Jozarto responds:

Thanks. I'll try to work on that. Would you suggest removing the textbox sound, or using it a lot less?

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2.73 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2017
9:22 AM EDT