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3 Times in 1 Night 25 Points

3 Times in 1 Night

Drunken Butterfly 25 Points

Drunken Butterfly

Secret Idea 25 Points

Secret Idea

Abstinence 100 Points


Lover Came Back 100 Points

Lover Came Back

Rich Scrooge 100 Points

Rich Scrooge

The End of Eternity 100 Points

The End of Eternity

Author Comments

What is the meaning of life, dreams or words? Thinking about these millennial questions, this game is a "metaphorical platformer" that uses words instead of platforms. But combining mechanics and meaning, "Me" tells an insane story about The Pursuit of Happiness,

And the experience is like a playable poetry,in a platonic sky, among the archetypes. At the same time it is also a fun platform game, reinventing the mechanics of this genre to give a new meaning to them.


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-Tips for collecting medals:

#1 The font and name of the medal suggest where it is located

#2 The End of Eternity medal only appears after you have collected all other medals

#3 There is a secret ending (after credits) after you collect all the medals

#4 lover came back medal: do exactly what the medal says

#5 Rich Scrooge Medal: There is an unusual way of collecting the medal on the "trap" word without dying

#6 The Abstinence medal is the opposite of the Drunken Butterfly medal.



You Get An Idea, Then It Is Destroyed By Criticism, But Little Steps On The Floor Can Change Everything While Avoiding Traps, And You Conquer Life's Achievements, Life's Medals, Life's Meaning, Some People Have Sex, Other People Dont, But The Thing Is: Dreams Can Turn To Reality, And Everyone Is Alive, Seeing The Years Pass, But Everyone Will Die One Day, And The People Who Die Become A Dream, Which Will Also Turn To Reality

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Quite enjoyable, and surprisingly beautiful. Nice simple concept, good interpretations of different words.

If I had to find a problem It'd be that the music should loop a little better, although the composition is really nice, and perhaps polish off the visuals a bit. But generally, really enjoyed it.

Feels like i'm playing poetry. Great game.

This game was super deep and really well made! It was pretty, but also depressing.

I really enjoyed the game, thought it was really well done. My only gripe with the game was the Rich Scrooge Medal, the fact that you had to reset the game basically every time you died was just waaay to annoying. The Abstinence Medal was very challenging but was do able since you could just start from the check point until you got it. Other than that I thought it was a very well done game, good job!

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Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2017
11:25 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other