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Combine Fucks Combine Assasin

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Apr 1, 2017 | 10:36 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Short Back story.
While these two combine were protroling, when they became alone, one thing lead to another, and here we are.

Now I was going to do a hooker in a play boy outfit but i found this thought it would be way hotter, I think this one is pretty good compared to my other animations ehhh....
but I think this is some good faping matrial.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

First, over all you've done pretty good. It's detailed, unserious, and shows at least some effort toward the ideal.
Now, in the world of quality, audio is going to make or break you. I know, it's not exactly the easiest audio (voice work especially) to just trot out and find everywhere... But it's worth pointing out that any audio (a couple friends showing up to record a jokingly asinine track of sexual sounds for instance) is better than nothing... And if you can convince a few people to do some voice work for beers or whatever, with a little planning and effort, you can hack and splice together a multitude of soundtracks because we just want to hear something we can "buy"...
The other side of audio is the "score", which in this kind of thing can actually be utilized to cover (at least a little) for the lack of voice work. Take a listen (or just remember) "MCMXC AD" by Enigma; or "45 Seconds of Ecstacy" by Meatloaf as examples. Plenty of moaning and heavy breathing in the background of an otherwise innuendo-esque musical score. There are others, and for this particular piece I'd have recommended Enigma if the permissions were possible... I think the style would hold out if you can find something like it around here in NG or some other commons-type musical collection...
Going to hit you with "it's short"... Maybe I am a mutant, but you pointed out the thought that this was "some good fapping material"... Well, it takes a lot more than that time wise... Maybe sometime I might need to cuddle before... In any case, it's short...
Repetitive is a "style" question. In reality, the act of sex is repetition... in-out, repeat repeat repeat... You get the mechanics, so this isn't a hit against it, but an addition to the "length" comment. Go ahead and let the thing repeat. No one really cares (we do... but not that much)
Finally, the realism... Okay, this is style as well, so don't jump at the thought I'm against some old fashioned make believe... There are a couple little things that would help this though. First, she's going to be so much hotter taking it up the ass if we get to see her pink ass showing and taking it. I mean, pants around her ankles, and real skin glistening in the light. (okay, you can shuck her down to her knees and get by, but it "feels cheap" if you neglect removing clothes all together. The guy still has to expose a cock for her, right? By that, I mean yes, we can look right past the thought that you did or didn't put in a fly to be unzipped for him... He's still believably got his dick out.
The other part of this is the penetration show. It's kind of 'nit-picky', but I don't exactly need a map or anatomy guide to know where her asshole really is (or should be anyway)... Showing his cock gliding all the way up the crack of her ass before quite disappearing is just a little touch cheesy. You know?
Okay, that's a lot to digest, and it's not entirely reason to downgrade. You still have a rock solid three-three and a half star work here. There's just so much competition... You are making progress, so don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on. I'm definitely looking forward to your next... :o)

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