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Toadette is a cheater (Super Mario Run)

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This was a small joke that I thought of and wanted animate. I mean everyone has an ability but Toadette's is a bit unfair when you think about it. Took like 3 months when it was supposed to be short though. T^T But it's great to be making videos again. I hope the animation entertains you all~

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This is cool, Toadette must feel Happy of her self. :)

Evy-kun responds:

Thanks. Yup, she is rich- I mean beautiful.

Haha the art is great but the joke didn't land that well for me. Best of luck! You definitely have talent.

Evy-kun responds:

Thank you very much! I'm trying to work on comedy the best I can as well as art/animation. Trying to get one joke out may not work like I originally visioned or it may not just click for some people. (Well, you still typed Haha, so I guess you at least found it humorous. XD) This joke was meant to be simple but the time it took to make the whole animation takes forever. I'm trying harder to make sure the jokes land as making sure the joke is worth from now on.

Lol. Nice Animation :D

Evy-kun responds:

Thanks ;)

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Mar 31, 2017
9:08 AM EDT