Who's That Hero:Overwatch

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Black Watch 50 Points

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Recall 50 Points

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Awesome Score 100 Points

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Author Comments

Thought I'd have a go at a character quiz game.


TIP:- Try using TAB to select the text box faster if you get sick of clicking.

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I haven't played Overwatch before, sadly..But this is still a fantastic test of one's knowledge who has, great job dude!

fullmetalchaz responds:


Not bad at all and the only challenge after completing the game and all the medals is to see how fast you can put in the character names afterwards.

The gameplay seems easy enough in that you guess the hero names but they have to be in all lowercase with no additional spaces or anything like that. The only names I imagine people might have trouble getting right are the following:

Reinhardt / reinhardt (I spelled it as reinherdt the first time for some reason)
Torbjorn / torbjorn (Is actually Torbjörn but for the sake of time, no fancy O is needed)
Symmetra / symmetra (I kept tripping up the first couple of times and putting in two Ts instead of two Ms)

There is only one thing I could think of to improve this game in regards to completion time. Instead of having players having to click on the textbox each time to put in a hero name; it should instead just already be ready for the player to input the name which would probably trim off 10-15 seconds overall for really fast typers.

That being said, I did replay the game a couple of times until I was able to reach the top 10 scores at the time of this review. I imagine if I had not messed up on Symmetra and Reinhardt's names a couple of times, probably could have got to the top 5 with a final score of around 810 which is hard to do. The reason being that when you get all the names written each time, you only get 30 seconds added onto the timer.

Overall, pretty fun and challenging in regards to trying to see how many names you can type in time. I would just make it so you do not have to click on the textbox since that kind of takes away a second or two that the player could be typing.

I'm spelling "reinhardt" correctly (looking at the wiki right now and its correct) but its not counting it

It's a good job as in terms of it does it's job very well: just a simple quiz.

However I feel like it could be vastly improved, things like image quality, the fact that capitals dots and others don't work. It's quite annoying so it took me about 15 seconds to find out that I have to write dva instead of "D.va"or "DVa" although it's good as a first project.

I advise you update it, that would probably grab more attention and better ratings. You're heading in the right direction though.

It's a really good way of knowing the characters, but whenever I try to type in soldier:76 it doesn't work

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2017
12:12 PM EDT
Skill - Typing